Over the quarantine in early summer, in the hopes of staying in shape and having something to do, the Peloton app became my vice to remain active at home. Peloton is known for revolutionizing the way that people work out through its creation of a stationary bike that features a television screen, allowing you to participate in both live and recorded spin classes from the comfort of your own home. These classes are taught by professional trainers who have become the face of the Peloton franchise, creating a cult following nicknamed the “Peloton Family.” These instructors make working out enjoyable by programming top-notch studio spin classes that are both fun and challenging, motivating you to push yourself to the best of your abilities. 

In addition to classes on the bike, the Peloton app has expanded to feature cardio, strength, yoga, running, walking, meditation, and combined boot camp classes. These classes made staying in shape easy and enjoyable throughout quarantine while also leading me to feel stronger and healthier. My favorite instructors would have to be Jess Sims, Emma Lovewell, Olivia Amato, and Cody Rigsby. The Peloton app also features various week-long focused programs and challenges, which create achievable goals to motivate you on your fitness journey. I started by doing Emma Lovewell’s “Crush Your Core” 4-week program in order to get back into the swing of working out without being at a gym. 


Another reason the Peloton company is so amazing is due to its dedication to inclusivity. Peloton prides itself on bringing people together and creating a strong community, felt even if you are doing the workouts at home by yourself. Peloton features various themed classes, such as 80s rides, 90s rides, Hip Hop rides, Pop rides, classic rock rides, etc. Certain instructors also lead classes that feature specific artists, some of them including a 45 minute Bon Jovi cycling class, a 30 minute Hamilton ride, or a 30 minute Alicia Keys ride. Peloton also shows its support for its members by featuring live classes, where the instructors will shout you out for important milestones and congratulate you on your progress. All classes feature a leaderboard as well that you can use to track your ranking in the class; or, you can choose to turn off if competition does not motivate you. Peloton also uses its platform to spread positivity and celebrate LGBTQ+ pride, show its support for the BLM movement, and create a space that is welcoming to everyone. 


Overall, Peloton views fitness as a celebration of your abilities, creating a platform where fitness can be both challenging and fun. Peloton allows people to remain fit as they transition to at-home workouts due to the coronavirus, while still creating the communal atmosphere of an in-person workout class.  Each class is unique, exciting, and leaves you feeling energized and proud. The positivity of the Peloton community makes the app successful and allows for Peloton to gain a dedicated fanbase. Peloton pushes you to be your personal best, promoting a healthy and happy lifestyle that is both sustainable and inspiring. 

Cover photo: CNBC

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