New season, new foods to try! As the school year begins, we are all struggling with not eating a slice of Boot pizza for dinner every night. But it’s easy to stay health conscious with these simple, delicious foods that can spice up some of your old recipes!



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Israelis have been using this condiment for centuries and I am so happy it is finally becoming popular here! I love tahini on burgers instead of mayo, as a dip for veggies, or even in salad dressing to add a nice creaminess. Tahini has great health benefits such as containing high levels of calcium, iron, and magnesium. It’s also a healthy fat, so this creamy condiment is actually healthy!

Plant-Based Protein (Beyond Meat, Impossible Burger, Jackfruit)


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Vegetarians and vegans: its time to celebrate! Now when everyone else is eating meat at the cookout you can have delicious foods to eat and you’ll make everyone jealous too. Beyond Meat, the Impossible Burger, and Jackfruit look, cook, grill, and taste like real meat. Beyond Meat is a substitute that bleeds like meat and is made from plant and soy protein. The Impossible Burger is similar to the Beyond Meat burger but contains wheat protein and cooks more like an actual burger. Lastly, Jackfruit comes from an Indian tree and when pulled from the peel, provides a meaty protein, although it’s a bit more stringy and chewy than meat. Mainstream supermarkets such as Whole Foods and Trader Joes sell these foods, so they are super easy to find.

Fermented Gut-Friendly Foods (Kimchi, Miso)


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Foods that promote gut health are super trendy right now, so get on board. Fermented foods are good for you because they contain probiotics and can help boost immunity and improve overall health. My favorite fermented food is kimchi, a Korean fermented cabbage filled with tons of vitamin A, vitamin B, iron, and gut-healthy bacteria. This Korean staple is now sold at most grocery stores, and you can pick the level of spiciness you desire. I eat this with a simple meal to add a nice kick or you can add it to any Asian dish. Miso is also another great option if you’re looking to add a deep flavor to any dish! Just like kimchi, miso is great for your digestion and contains minerals and vitamin B, K, K, and folic acid, which are important vitamins for your body.

Blue Algae (Spirulina)


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Behold, a new addition to your acai bowls. Spirulina is one of the most nutrient-dense foods on Earth and contains tons of vitamins such as calcium, potassium, iron, and vitamin B. The best way to use this is to add the powder into a smoothie or acai bowl for additional vitamins. You won’t even notice it until you see the cool blue-green color appearing.

Farro (Grain)


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For years, quinoa has been the “it” grain to use in grain bowls and other dishes, but farro is an amazing substitute if you’re getting bored with it. Although it’s more nutty and chewy than rice or other grains, it contains more fiber, vitamin B, zinc, and protein than its other competitors. I cook farro like risotto and it tastes delicious, or I use it as my carb in my homemade grain bowls.

The best thing about all of these ingredients and proteins is that you can buy them almost anywhere and if not Amazon is your best friend.


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