Opinion Submission

Here at The Crescent Magazine, we invite non-members the opportunity to submit an Op-Ed. As a student-run digital publication, we encourage all members of our community to share their voice and let it be heard. We are proud to be a platform that promotes individual expression.

We stand with The New York Times belief that anything can be considered an Op-Ed:

“Personal or explanatory essays, commentary on news events, reflections on cultural trends and more are all welcome. We’re interested in anything well-written with a fact-based viewpoint we believe readers will find worthwhile” (NYTimes).

Please copy / paste your text into the box and submit. We will get back to you ASAP.

Note that all Op-Eds will be read by multiple editors at The Crescent Magazine before hearing back and possible submission to the site. We encourage any and all people to submit any form of content for approval.

Please respect that all submissions will be considered but we may choose not to move forward in publishing all of the content we receive.

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