Although this is only my freshman year at Tulane, I have been sick many times with every illness that I can think of. It is horrible to be sick in college because there is nobody to take care of you, you miss class, and you feel alone. It is strange because I was never sick this much at home, but living in such close quarters with thousands of other students, it’s easy to see why sickness is inevitable. I was very ill the week before spring break so I decided to come up with some helpful tips for when you’re sick at school since at one point or another, you will be under the weather.

#1: Chicken soup with matzo balls is life-saving

Whether you grew up with a Jewish grandmother or not, chicken soup with matzo balls cures any illness. Although your mom probably offered to send you some soup, you can receive it easily on campus. Tulane Hillel has a chicken soup hotline to call and they will deliver soup right to your door (504-866-7060). Additionally, Tulane Chabad will make you chicken soup as long as you get in touch with Mushka Lipsker. (Facebook chat is easiest)




#2: Urgent care is your best friend

We all know that the Tulane Health Center only has appointments for students days in advance, so the best place to go when you’re sick is In & Out Urgent Care on South Claiborne Avenue (across from the Tulane Yulman Stadium). You can even get a smoothie from Smoothie King right next door to make your day a little better.


Screen Shot 2018-04-16 at 6.16.09 PM
In & Out Urgent Care


Note: If you want to stay on campus you can always try to get a walk in appointment at the Tulane Health Center and usually if you go first thing in the morning, they can squeeze you in.

#3: Load up on Emergen-C, other vitamins, and sick essentials BEFORE the semester starts




The Tulane Health Center and Walgreens, both sell important vitamins and special supplements to help you get through your sickness faster. Walgreens on South Carrollton Avenue takes Wavebucks and is walking distance from campus. It can be super confusing when seeing hundreds of different vitamins and supplements and you feel like you need to buy everything. Although its tempting, I always buy Emergen-C (Vitamin C), Zinc, and Vitamin D, which are the best vitamins for fighting the common cold and flu because they boost your immune system.

Even if you aren’t sick when you read this, you should compile a stash of “sick essentials” so that you won’t have to leave your room when your feeling your worst. Tissues, medicine like Advil and Tylenol, cough drops, and tea packets (you can use hot water from your Kentwood) are my go-to items. If you turn out to be stuck in your room and need anything, turn to a friend for help! Maybe they can pick you up something on their way home (thank you Venmo!)

#4: Be OK with skipping class




Although it stresses me out to skip my classes, it’s best to stay in your dorm and rest since you are pretty much Patient X. Sleeping is the best way for you to recover and if you go to class, you will make yourself feel worse and possibly get other students sick. Instead, you should email your professor and ask what work you can make up – they will surely understand. Plus, if you attach a doctor’s note, you can usually get an extension and who doesn’t love those.

As someone who is literally sick all the time at school, I hope I can make your sickness a little better with these tips and tricks that I have learned over the year.

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