In Uptown New Orleans, cookies and treats come in all shapes and sizes. And thanks to four Tulane seniors, now they can be gluten free! Earlier this year, Tulane senior Lauren Cheifetz saw a lack of gluten free dessert options around Tulane’s campus, and being gluten free herself, decided to act on this business opportunity.

“I have celiac disease and it was really important to me to have something on campus that people who are gluten free could also enjoy because everybody gets Insomnia and gets to eat whatever they want, but there was no late-night gluten free treat,” said Cheifetz. She and her roommates, Julia Conn, Caroline Peyton, and Jenny Brown, decided to set up shop in their house on Broadway Street and start experimenting with different flavors.

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“We’re baking all the time, and we’ve always talked about starting a business too. It’s just something that we’ve always wanted to do together. So we were like, ‘oh, why don’t we do gluten free.’ Lauren always talks about how there’s a lack of like dessert options for her,” said Peyton.

Their newly founded business, Baked on Broadway, is unique from other delivery-service bakeries. They specialize in personalized orders for cookies made in muffin tins with different candies and fillings baked in the middle. Some of their most popular fillings are Reese’s peanut butter cups, Oreos, and M&Ms. As a self-proclaimed “idea generator,” Brown plans to experiment with salted caramel and marshmallows for the next few batches. However, this ability for customization has its challenges as far as business plans go.

@baked_onbroadway Instagram

“We don’t have a set menu, so giving the customer so much autonomy over what they want means we have to constantly be keeping up with them,” said Brown. The girls have had impressive initial growth in the business, having already turned a profit in their first month with the only drawback being frequent trips to the grocery store

“All dietary people like our cookies and we’ve also this week for the first time had a few repeat customers. So, it’s exciting,” said Ceifetz.

Seeing heartwarming messages from customers over Instagram motivates them to keep expanding the business as much as they can. Their plans for the future include finding a way to ship the cookies, as some parents on the Facebook page have expressed interest in ordering them. They also plan on rolling out some dairy-free and vegan options to their menu. However, their main goal is still to make sure their cookies stay completely gluten free, so that they’re safe for all levels of gluten intolerance.

“There is no cross contamination. We know what gluten is and we’re very knowledgeable about that and we take precautions to make sure that it is 100% gluten free,” said Cheifetz.

To order some delicious gluten free treats and support Baked on Broadway, check out @baked_onbroadway on Instagram and DM them for orders. The girls also want customers to know that they’re very open to feedback, and appreciate any comment on their business. So if their mouth-watering pictures haven’t convinced you yet, go order some cookies!

Cover Photo: Julia Conn, Caroline Peyton, Jenny Brown and Lauren Cheifetz in their Baked on Broadway apparel, photo from @baked_onbroadway Instagram

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