Feeling chilly? Is the brisk air catching up to you? 

Feeling festive? Need a gift for a loved one? 

Or… feeling creative? Looking to pick up a hobby to destress during this hectic time of year? 


Well, The Crescent has got you covered! I have become immersed in all things crochet this fall at Tulane. Here are four ways to dive into the wonderful world of crochet this fall. 


  1. Tulane’s very own Crochet Club! The Crochet Club welcomes anyone who wants to learn how to crochet or anyone who already knows how! It is the perfect opportunity to hang out with fellow crocheters and make friends! The club meets every Monday at 5:30. The location changes sometimes depending on the weather and holidays (more information in GroupMe). To get involved, follow @tulanecrochetclub on Instagram and click the link in the bio to join the GroupMe.


  1. Self-taught crochet is incredibly fun and easy to get into!  With platforms such as YouTube, various blogs, and books, the opportunities to learn are limitless. While it may take a second to learn the stitches, once you do, you’re off! You can make a cute shirt for a dinner out in NOLA,  a cardigan for those chilly fly nights, or maybe even an ugly sweater for your upcoming holiday parties! Crochet is a great way to build up your wardrobe in a creative and cost-effective way. Below are some links to resources to get started.

How to Crochet for Absolute Beginners: Part 1 




  1. Handmade gift? Yes please! There is something about a handmade gift that can truly personalize a gift exchange. Home décor such as knit pumpkins can add some fall flair and are super cute and easy to make! What about that pie baking in the oven? Crocheted potholders could make an adorable and protective gift. And maybe even some placemats and coasters to put your warm cider and pie on before you cozy up with your blanket!  

CROCHET Pumpkin Tutorial | How to make a crochet pumpkin for beginners | Just Be Crafty 


Students Olivia Ashy and Ewelina Brzezinski are two members of the TU community who have made some amazing crochet creations!  

Olivia Ashy ‘26 crocheted a beautiful blanket this year and said that “It took me 194 days!! I’ve loved crocheting since COVID happened, and it’s such a fun and different creative outlet!” 

Image via Olivia Ashy


Ewelina Brzezinski crocheted a couple hats for a 5 Seconds of Summer concert this summer. What is especially neat, as reported by Ewelina, is that “The hats also made their way back to the band, and I have a couple pictures of the drummer, Ashton Irwin, wearing one of the hats too!” 

Image via Ewelina Brzezinski

Ashton Irwin, 5 Seconds of Summer drummer, wearing Ewelina Brzezinki’s chic crocheted hat.

Image via Ewelina Brzezinski
  1. Support small crochet businesses! If you’re not much of a crocheter, that’s alright – it’s the perfect opportunity to support the numerous small crocheting businesses! You can find them on Etsy, Depop, Instagram, or even with a simple internet search! Here are some great businesses to support!  

@crochetbyjuj on Instagram – Tulane student Juliet Wall 

@cozy_crochet on Depop – Tulane student Miriam Lerner  

Grace Joy Design Co on Etsy- Not Tulane but reputable and good quality: https://www.etsy.com/shop/gracejoydesignco?ref=simple-shop-header name&listing_id=1163281293  


There are so many unique and creative ways to get involved in crocheting. Whether you dream to be the artist yourself, or simply support from the sidelines, the crochet community welcomes everyone with open arms. Don’t miss your chance to get involved this fall! The possibilities are endless, and maybe your piece will end up in the hands of a rockstar 🙂


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