Aries: Bumble

Your fiery, passionate nature aligns with Bumble’s mission of breaking typical gender roles. In the dating app world, there is an expectation for guys to message girls first but Bumble changes this stereotype. Once you match with someone, the girl has 24 hours to message the guy. If she doesn’t, the pair simply un-matches. If you match with an individual that is of the same gender, either can send the first message. This app is perfect for an Aries to boldly put themselves out there and make the first move!

Taurus: Hinge

You are known to be thoughtful, deep, and creative so your go-to dating app should be Hinge! Hinge profiles contain pictures, basic information (age, location, height) as well as your answers to three questions of your choice. Think, “biggest risk I’ve taken.., do you agree or disagree that…, my love language is…” that you’ve picked from a generated list. You can either like a specific picture of someone you want to match with or their response to any of the questions they have selected. This adds a more interactive and thoughtful approach to the traditional dating app model.

Gemini: The League

Your strong communication skills and social nature means you need a dating app that gives you the same satisfaction as your social media. This is where The League comes in. You connect your Facebook and LinkedIn, select your preferences in a potential partner (age, education, distance, etc.) and are then presented with up to five matches a day. This eliminates the mindless tendencies of swiping unlimitedly that often occurs on other apps. Though the application process is longer than simply filling out your basic info, it simplifies the process by curating matches for you. Geminis, match with purpose and expect results!

Cancer: Coffee Meets Bagel

Coffee Meets Bagel is another dating app straying away from the typical ‘hot or not’ format. They do this by attempting to initiate curated interactions between users. Since Cancers are considered to be the most emotional and sensitive of the signs, this app would be the best fit for you. Coffee Meets Bagel functions similarly to Hinge in that you respond to an aspect of a profile as opposed to simply swiping yes or no on them. It’s more conversation based and interactive which helps to foster deeper connections.

Leo: Raya

As Leos are the most dramatic of the signs, it only makes sense that the best dating app is something equally as extra! Raya is a membership-based app that you must know someone who is already using it to even be considered. The applications are approved or vetoed by a committee and the acceptance rate (yes, you read that right) is only 8%. So while the process is extremely elite, you’ll have the opportunity to match with literal celebrities. If that doesn’t appeal to your inner Leo VIP, I don’t know what will!

Virgo: Happn

For the logical and analytical Virgo, you need an app that makes dating systematic. Happn is an app that lets you match with people you’ve already crossed paths with throughout your day. You have to have been within 800 feet of each other at some point which ensures that you probably noticed them or that they noticed you. Did you stand in line behind a cutie at Starbucks or smile at a hot stranger on the street? Virgos: download Happn IMMEDIATELY, I promise you’ll find your next fling instantly!

Libra: Facebook Dating

In typical Libra fashion, the recommended app for you is focused on balance. Specifically, the balance between social and romantic connections. Facebook Dating allows you to create a dating profile, that is separate from your Facebook account, and match with mutual Facebook friends as well as people you have things in common with. You can’t match with your Facebook friends, though, since the focus is on meeting people outside of your social circle. Libras tend to gravitate to long-lasting and meaningful relationships, so sign up for Facebook Dating and get cuffed!

Scorpio: Tinder

Scorpios are the most impulsive of the signs. Your desire-driven tendencies make Tinder the dating app best suited for you. You’re bold and not afraid of what you want so channel that impulsivity into swiping on some potential hookups. Tinder shows you a profile and you swipe left for no and right for yes. If you match, you guys can message each other. It’s probably the most popular dating app right now because of how addicting it is. Follow your Scorpio instincts and get to swiping!

Sagittarius: Inner Circle

A Sagittarius is known for being a seeker of truth and knowledge. Inner Circle is a dating app for young professionals (i.e. people focused on rising to the top). It’s for making connections, both romantic and professional. You can like people’s profiles and send messages, but need to be screened first before you can make a profile. This encourages accountability and professionalism which aligns with the energy of a Sagittarius. If you’re looking for something more efficient than the casual dating apps that exist, Inner Circle is for you.

Capricorn: OkCupid

Even though Capricorns are perceived to be cold and detached, this is because you are especially focused on your long-term goals. This is why OkCupid is the app for you. You want to explore allllll your options to make sure you’re getting what you deserve. You answer a set of multiple choice questions and your OkCupid is complete! Capricorns are also known for being more closed off compared to the rest of the signs, so maybe this is the push you need to finally connect!

Aquarius: Tastebuds

Known for being unconventional and eclectic, it only fits that the app for an Aquarius would be something unique. Tastebuds is a dating app that lets you connect your Spotify, Facebook, or manually enter some of your top artists along with the other typical dating app criteria. This helps foster an instant connection over something everyone has strong feelings for: music! So Aquarius’, if you’re looking for someone to go to concerts with or talk for hours about your favorite album’s, this app is for you!

Pisces: Plenty of Fish

Pisces’ are represented by two fish swimming in a circle, so the dating app for you is fitting: Plenty of Fish. This app combines aspects from a couple of other dating apps mentioned here in that you can filter by location, check yes or no to whether you’re interested in someone, and request to be sent potential matches daily. This works well with Pisces as they are go-with-the-flow and are unassuming. Pisces’ are in touch with their sensitive and romantic sides, so this app is perfect if you’re looking for something deeper.

Cover Photo: Dani Stein

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