While the thought of gauchos and bedazzled jeans still give me nightmares, recalling the countless shows, movies, and songs I spent endless days listening to growing up still makes me smile. That’s why my inner 7-year-old leaped out when the Jonas Brothers announced their return to the music scene. Couple that with Miley’s brief return to the Hannah Montana wig and Ariana Grande’s “thank you, next” ode to Mean Girls, and the amount of nostalgia is overwhelming. The 80s and 90s have long dominated pop culture’s nostalgic scene, but frankly, there’s a new kid on the block, and it’s our childhood. Here are some foolproof ways to delve deep into your childhood that don’t require the trucker hats or popped collars.

Plan a Movie Night


Whether it is the end of your freshman year or the end of your college career here at Tulane, take some time to spend quality time with your friends and plan a movie night. Nothing says bonding like rewatching some of your favorite childhood movies sure to spark some nostalgia. Here are some iconic films to spark those childhood memories you forgot you had.

If you want to make it a marathon, try: Bring It On, Spy Kids, Harry Potter, Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, or The Princess Diaries.

If you’re looking for some oldies you may have completely forgot about, try: The Race to Witch Mountain, Cheaper By the Dozen (1 and 2), Zathura, Agent Cody Banks, Aquamarine, Blue Crush, or Herbie Fully Loaded.

If you’re in doubt, a classic Disney Channel Original (DCOM) will always do the trick. Try The Thirteenth Year, Get a Clue, Cadet Kelly, The Cheetah Girls, Stuck in the Suburbs, Read it and Weep, or Beverly Hills Chihuahua.

Find a throwback TV show to binge


Whether you’re looking for a brand-new show to watch, to reminisce over your old favorite show, or just procrastinate studying for finals, 2000s TV has an assortment of shows to transport you back to your childhood. Each of these is worth the rewatch simply to marvel at how bold the fashion choices were or to see now big-name actors/actresses in their first roles.

If you’re looking for comedy, try: Drake & Josh, Even Stevens. Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide, or George Lopez.

If you’re looking for drama, try: Gilmore Girls, H20: Just Add Water, Make It or Break It, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, One Tree Hill, Degrassi, Unfabulous, or Veronica Mars.

If you’re in the mood for cringeworthy reality TV, try: Teen Mom, MTV Cribs, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, Wife Swap, America’s Next Top Model, or Legends of the Hidden Temple.

If cartoons are more your vibe, try: Johnny Test, Total Drama, The Magic School Bus, Rugrats, or Jimmy Neutron. 

Play That Music


Let’s face it: life is better to a soundtrack. While we have probably already thrown away our CD players and iPods, you can still listen to songs that defined our childhood and the music scene of the 2000s. Spice up your walk to class or mix up your pregame playlist with songs from these playlists: My Childhood and Yours , All Out 00s2000s HitsThrowback Workout.

While key elements of 2000s pop culture are returning, there is no substitution for the original music and entertainment that our generation grew up consuming. So, incorporate some 2000s hits into your music queue or devote an entire night to traveling back into time through a film.


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