Who knew that it could get cold in the south? As a lifelong Northerner from Wisconsin, I certainly was not aware that it got below 50 degrees in Louisiana. Therefore, the warmest clothes that I brought to college were a singular pair of grease-stained sweatpants and one semi-warm sweater. That poor packing job is now one of my biggest regrets. If anyone else is suffering from the strange combination of wind, humidity, and below 40-degree temperatures, here are some tips to brave the New Orleans winter.  

Even though no one wants to be held hostage in their tiny dorm room by the crippling cold, it can be so hard to get hype for going out when you know there is a very real possibility of contracting hypothermia when standing in line for The Boot. So how do you look cute for going out while keeping our body temperatures above freezing? There’s always the option of purchasing a fancy leather jacket, but it may get ruined at a frat or bar. We can, however, turn to an innovation of Northern colleges called “the fracket” or “frat jacket,” a quality Goodwill jacket that one can leave in the corner at parties without concern for possible spills or other destruction. Some schools have evolved this concept to such an extent that one doesn’t even have to leave a party with their original fracket but instead just another random fracket from a pile. Tulane may not be quite that advanced yet, but give it a few more winters like this and the fracket may evolve to Northern standards.

Another technique for staying warm reinforces a basic protective measure that all females have been told practically since birth: stay in groups! Body heat is no joke, and I can say from personal experience that it is approximately 10 degrees warmer smushed up against multiple bodies in the Boot line than it is waiting by yourself for pizza. Getting your body moving inside or outside will also generate considerable body heat!

Even with the fracket and body heat techniques, if you’re a winter wimp like me, going out in the cold may sometimes just be too much. So when necessary, listen to your body and maybe stay in for the night. Despite what everyone says you actually can have fun staying in; there’s always the classic movie and spa night, but you can make it more interesting with different drinking or non-alcoholic games. From board games, to cards, to TV shows, there are so many hilarious combinations to be made with drinks and predetermined rules. Otherwise, one of my favorite ways to spend a chill night in is by channeling my inner soccer mom and having a wine night with the girls (and guys if they show up).  

When faced with the decision between going out in the cold and having a fun night in, just know that there are plenty of ways to have fun without freezing!

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