For all of us who are just coming back from a blissful winter break of no classes and non-Bruff food, second-semester depression is real. Even if you spent break replenishing your bank account by working at home, I’m sure purchasing textbooks and paying dues for various organizations already has you stressed about a lack of income. Not to worry though. There are plenty of ways to earn money on campus despite having little time.

1. Search the Tulane Student Employment Website

On-campus jobs are never in short supply with so many positions at locations all around campus. One of the easiest ways to view these positions is by searching on Tulane’s student employment website. This site allows students to search for specific jobs on or even near campus from employers who register online. There is even a tool that allows you to upload a resume to the site for easy approval and application. Each posting lists the position, responsibilities, requirements, and usually pay rate. Speaking of, pay for these jobs usually isn’t  much more than minimum wage, but for us college students anything is better than nothing. The site can be reached at by clicking here. To apply, simply make an account, upload a resume, and start searching!

2. Apply for Work Study

Another great resource for some students are work-study jobs. As part of a financial aid package, some students have the option of working for certain professors or departments to help ease the financial stress of college. Most of these jobs not only pay above minimum wage but also allow students to connect with faculty members more often than their peers. Even if you’re a student who does not have work study explicitly stated in their financial aid package, you can still make your case with your financial aid advisor. More information on work-study jobs can be found here.

 3. Work at The Reily Center

One of the largest student employers on campus just happens to be a place where many of us spend a lot of time at anyway! (Or at least we wish we did). The Reily Center employs over 350 students per year in positions ranging from weight room attendants and desk assistants to personal trainers and lifeguards. On-site paid training is available for most positions, which will also get you some valuable experience for your resume. Pay here isn’t great (minimum wage), but this is one place (other than the bookstore of course) that you are sure to be hired for something. Applications and position are easy to find on their website. Besides maybe being forced to work out every once in a while, a job at the Reily center is sure to form new friendships based on the comradery of the students already working there.

 4. Apply to be a Tutor

Working at the tutoring center is a lesser-known way to earn money on campus. As long as you earned an A in a previous class, you qualify to tutor your peers in that course for money! Tutors are paid a whopping $9 per hour, although their hours depend on if students request them online. Therefore, you might find your hours picking up around midterm and finals season and even more so if you have a compelling picture and bio on their site. To apply for a tutoring position, fill out the form here! FYI, you will need at least two faculty references for any position at the tutoring center.

 5. Apply to be a Note Taker

Note Taking is arguably the easiest way to make money during the semester. By simply entering your current classes on the Goldman Center’s notetaking site, you could be selected as a notetaker for one of your classes. These notes could go to students with learning disabilities or athletes who miss class for games. If selected, all you need to do is upload the notes you take in class (via photograph or electronic document) to their website at least twice a week. Then, you will be paid $100 for each class you took notes for at the end of the semester. The key here is submitting your classes early since assignments are doled out on a first-come-first-serve basis. Especially in large lectures, you could still be assigned halfway through the semester and receive the same final compensation.

Now that you have plenty of ways to earn cash this semester, all that’s left to do is apply! Don’t be shy to apply to many positions, because odds are you won’t get interviews for all of them. Just be sure to keep your options open, and get ready to spend or save all the money you’re about to make!

 COVER PHOTO: Bianca Falanga

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