From a young age, Gabi Marcus, a Tulane junior, has had a passion for art and fulfilling her creative spirit. Last summer, while she was home in Wisconsin, Gabi was feeling bored and impulsive; so she decided to grab an old denim jacket from the back of her closet. She quickly realized that the cure to her boredom was sitting right in front of her. She picked up her computer and scrolled through the internet for a design that she could replicate, and shortly after began painting directly on her vintage denim. After she saw how the jacket turned out, she began painting on all forms of denim—jeans, shorts, jackets—that her friends found in their closets. Friends of friends began paying her to reinvent their denim and her designs became a trend. Once the school year rolled around, however, Gabi put away her paintbrushes and decided she no longer had enough time to balance both schoolwork and creating designs for friends.

A few months ago, with some encouragement from her friends, Gabi picked her paintbrushes back up and her brand, Reform Denim, was born out of her Irby dorm room. From the start, she had no idea how much she would enjoy creating these pieces, but Gabi says she “realized how fun it could be to be doing something I’m passionate about AND make money! I’ve gotten amazing feedback and it’s almost gotten too popular for me to take on by myself!”

I had the pleasure of speaking with the amazingly talented Gabi Marcus and got some insight on her inspiration, plans for the future, and so much more. Here’s what she had to say.

Q: What is your inspiration behind Reform Denim?

I have such an appreciation for vintage and resale clothes, and I love being able to look at something and think “how can I make this better?” I love to alter things or change things that I don’t like about my clothes, and this just gave me a legitimate reason to keep doing that.

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Q: Who is “the girl” you see wearing your clothing?

Any girl who wants to add a personal, unique touch to their wardrobe. I’ve made pieces for girls ranging from age 2 to age 50 and everyone in between. From girls who just want a fun piece to add to their wardrobe or girls who want to show their school spirit with fun game day apparel, there’s something for everyone.

Q: What are your plans for the future of Reform Denim?

I’ve been thinking about doing bags and wallets, as well tapping into the high-end designer market and putting a Reform spin on them. As for tailgate season, I’m hoping to start doing shoes and tops too!

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Currently, Gabi is working on a website for Reform Denim to make it easier for her customers to pick and choose what they would like their denim to look like. For the time being, you can visit her on Instagram and message her there directly with any inquiries. All of her items are 100% custom and she enjoys getting creative with her clients to deliver a product that is exactly what they had in mind. It’s truly amazing what can come from a little boredom and creativity when you put your energy in the right direction. Good luck, Gabi—from all of us here at The Crescent!


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