Tulane University is a campus full of students who often sport an eclectic, unique, edgy style. Even when just attending class, students here do not typically wear the “southern school” uniform. Instead, students stride around the uptown campus in trendy and fashion-forward looks. If you’re shaking your head in agreement with the statements above and believe you are one of these many students that attend Tulane, then keep  reading because this article is for you. If you disagree and don’t identify yourself as one of these students, don’t worry, this article will benefit you too.

United Apparel Liquidators, or UAL for short, is one of the greatest hidden gems this city has to offer. This unique retail location is full of luxury brands and one-of-a-kind pieces that you may not find anywhere else. What makes this shop even better? They offer consumers 70-90% off retail prices! Every time I walk through UAL’s front doors, I am met by racks and racks of discounted pieces that are changed and updated daily. As a true UAL shopper, I have learned that they receive many shipments throughout the week, and more times than not these items are found in limited quantities. To shop the best of what UAL has to offer, I will stop in several times throughout the month to see what is new. Although more often than not I may not find anything of interest to me, shopping the UAL racks as if on a treasure hunt for the ultimate prize has become an obsession. UAL offers a shopping experience unlike any other and is a must-see for all my fellow shopaholics out there.

Founded in 1980, UAL has become a distinguishable business in many Southern states. They currently have seven retail locations, two of which are right here in Louisiana, as well as an online retail shop. Items range from high-end, luxury brands such as Balmain, Valentino, and Zimmerman to more fairly priced denim and t-shirt brands such as 3×1, ALC, and Sundry—UAL offers it all. Their curated inventory—a combination of apparel, footwear, and accessories— has been built from past-season items, overstock inventory from high-end boutiques and department stores, as well as directly acquired samples and overrun pieces from the designers themselves. That being said, every once in a while, I may try on an item that is altered slightly from being worn during fashion week or find a small stain from its time spent on sales floors. Although this is a downside to the UAL experience, their customer service is incredible. Employees are always willing to help remove the stain or give an additional discount for the tear in the lining to be fixed. I still return time after time because this small downside is worth all the exceptional pieces I have found. UAL offers both men’s and women’s apparel, as well as children’s apparel and, most recently, houseware. I genuinely mean it when I say that there is something for everyone to find at UAL.

Whether you’re looking for a dress for formal, a bathing suit for spring break or just to freshen up your wardrobe; I promise you that the trip downtown to UAL’s Chartres Street location is more than worth it. You may not find exactly what you’re looking for, but I guarantee you will find an item that is bound to turn heads as you proudly strut through Tulane’s uptown campus.

COVER PHOTO: AllWays in Fashion

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