Lila Moss, the daughter of iconic supermodel Kate Moss, is everyone’s favorite nepotism baby. Lila is following in her mother’s footsteps and has started to dominate the runway. She and her nepo-baby best friend, Stella Jones, daughter of The Clash’s Mick Jones, are flooding my TikTok feed and I’m here for it. What makes Lila so unique and enticing is her authenticity. She may be a supermodel, but she’s also a 20-year-old girl, and she uses social media to highlight her personality and remind everyone of how normal she is. Lila Moss is the up-and-coming “it-girl” right next to Bella Hadid. Recently, Lila appeared on Vogue’s popular Beauty Secrets segment, taking viewers through her everyday skincare and go-to-party makeup routine. So, if you want to achieve her off-the-runway look, stay tuned as I walk you through her steps.

Skincare Routine


Lila begins by sharing the first step of her routine: a jelly cleanser. She uses Dr. Sam’s Flawless Cleanser, which was recommended to her by her dermatologist in London. Surprisingly it’s a very affordable cleanser priced at $22. It’s fragrance-free, pH-balancing, removes makeup, and is non-comedogenic (meaning it’s non-clogging). Lila noted that when she runs out of the Flawless Cleanser, she turns to CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser instead since it’s similar and works well with her sensitive skin. 

Exfoliant + Moisturizer:

After cleansing, Lila gently applies the Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant Exfoliator to damp skin. She uses this exfoliant once a week or before putting on makeup. After rinsing with warm water, Lila pats her face semi-dry with a towel while still leaving her face slightly damp for her next step. Moss then applies Dr. Sam’s Flawless Moisturizer onto damp skin to allow for better penetration and hydration. 

Face Gym:

After moisturizing, Lila incorporates a Face Gym facial tool, which is essentially a Gua Shua. The metal device has cooling properties help to depuff the skin. Gua Shua and similar facial tools are great for lymphatic drainage and contouring your face; however, I’m not entirely fond of the fact that she didn’t apply facial oil before using her Gua Shua (a step recommended when using a Gua Shua to prevent irritation and wrinkles) because you can visibly see her tugging at her skin. 

Eye Cream + Lip Mask:

Lila uses the Youth to the People Dream Eye Cream because she likes the gel-like texture that absorbs well into the delicate undereye area. She loves the Dream Eye Cream because it helps combat the purple hues under her eyes and how well concealer sits after application. I definitely applaud her for using her ring finger to massage the eye cream into her skin since it’s the gentlest finger, but instead of rubbing it in, I would’ve tapped it in to avoid pulling and to prevent wrinkles. After applying her eye cream, Lila uses the famous Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask, which she swears by.

Sun cream: 

Yes, you read that correctly – sun cream. Sun cream is the way British people say sunblock. So, Lila uses sunblock, not sunscreen. What is the difference, though? Don’t worry; I didn’t know either. Sunscreen contains chemicals that absorb into the skin and absorb the UV rays before your skin does. In comparison, sunblock (sun cream) creates a physical film on top of the outermost layer of your skin that shields UV rays. Lila uses the Queen Screen SPF 50+ Luminsing Serum SKINSCREEN ($47), which she began incorporating into her routine this past summer once she realized the importance of using sunscreen daily. 

Go-To-Party Makeup Routine

A Light Glowing Base:

Lila credits her makeup inspiration and skills to her mom, friends, YouTube, TikTok, and Pinterest. Lila too gave into the TikTok hype and bought the Charlotte Tilbury Flawless Filter, which she applies all over her face. After blending with a damp beauty blender, she goes in with one of my all-time favorites- the Glossier Stretch Concealer. I love this skin-like concealer because of how creamy and buildable it is. She uses her finger to pick up and blend the product into her undereye by tapping it. First, Lila uses her fingers to blend the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer to cover blemishes, spots, and redness around her nose and lower cheeks. She then goes back in with a damp beauty blender to finalize her even complexion.

Source: Pinterest

“Dot Dot” Contour: 

“Dot Dot” is a contouring technique Lila and her friends coined. She uses the Charlotte Tilbury Contour Wand to carefully place two evenly spaced dots under her cheekbones, two dots on either temple and one on the top of her hairline. She continues by patting the dots away in upward strokes with a brush and uses the excess to contour her jawline. Then she uses her fingers to apply the Kosasport LipFuel Hyaluronic Acid Lip Balm, in a cool pink color, Rush, to her cheeks as a cream blush. This multifunction lip balm is something Lila cannot leave the house without – she uses it as a cream blush during the day but also as a tinted lip balm. 

Source: Pinterest

The Eyes are a Window into Someone’s Soul: 

For eyes, Lila uses the Charlotte Tilbury Luxury Eyeshadow Palette in the Sophisticate. The palette comprises four matte shades: cream, tan, taupe, and chocolate. First, she uses an eyeshadow brush to apply the tan shade to her eye’s crevasse and outer wing. Next, using a small, angled brush, she swipes the chocolate and taupe under her bottom waterline. The next step in her eye routine is highlighter. She uses her finger to apply the Charlotte Tilbury Liquid Highlighter Wand to the inner corners of her eyes. Afterward, she curls her lashes and applies a Lancôme mascara to only her top lashes. Her last step is clear brow gel- everyone’s brows need some love. The best makeup advice Lila relayed to viewers was something her mother, Kate Moss, always told her: “less is more.”

Source: Pinterest

The Perfect Pout: 

Interestingly enough, Lila uses a tissue to pat some of the Laneige off her lips to prepare for the perfect pout. A classic liner- pillow talk by Charlotte Tilbury– is one Moss uses to extenuate her O-shaped lips. To finalize her ready-to-go-out makeup look, Lila finishes with her Fenty Beauty Lip Gloss in Fenty Glow, followed by a bit of powder in her t-zone. 

Source: Pinterest

Featured image via collage created by Kendall Clark with images sources from Pinterest.

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Kendall is the Fashion and Beauty Editor. She is currently a Sophomore majoring in Communications. She loves cooking, fashion, and hiking.

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Kendall is the Fashion and Beauty Editor. She is currently a Sophomore majoring in Communications. She loves cooking, fashion, and hiking.