Whether it’s a sultry set from I AM GIA, funky pants from Jaded London, or an elegant cocktail dress from Revolve, we all know and love these hot it girl brands. Unfortunately sometimes these fire looks can break the bank. I have had my fair share of amazing outfit visions that have been crushed by outlandish prices. As a young college girl myself, I have always loved fashion and being on trend with whatever I had previously pinned on my Pinterest board.  One may be discouraged by the price tag that comes along with these trendy fits, but I am here to tell you 2023 is the era of the DUPE! Through the help of tik tok influencers, and niche instagram ads I have compiled a list of the best trendy dupe websites that will have you looking chic, trendy, and most importantly on budget. 


I know this first website has blown up on tik tok in recent months, but if you have not heard about FENITY, you are missing out. Inspired by fashion influencers such as Matilda Djerf, FENITY gives customers that Copenhagen clean girl aesthetic, for prices no larger than $60. All clothing items are made to wear, and give you those timeless unique pieces in your closet for affordable prices. On their about us page, they perfectly describe their vision and purpose as a brand, stating, “FENITY gets their designs and inspirations from our favorite, viral, vintage or sold out clothes from Pinterest that you saved as pins but never knew where to find or are out of your price range.” Not only are FENITYS clothing items seamlessly timeless and elegant, the purpose behind their brand is empowering and important for young blooming fashionistas. 

Carmen Top: $35.99, Photo via @fenityfashion on Instagram.
Stone Skirt: $36.99, Charlotte Top: $37.99
Photo via @fenityfashion
on Instagram.
Hannah Dress: $55.99, Photo via @fenityfashion on Instagram.


This next brand gives the edgy vibes that one would find on clothing sites such as Jaded London and I AM GIA. The newest trends such as long jean skirts, racer girl jackets and asymmetrically lined tops are all the rage, and can be found on Weekday for $30-$60. Weekday takes every day staple items, and gives them a quirky twist that’ll leave girls wondering where you found those fabulously expensive looking acid washed jeans, but of course for half the price. 

Ample Low Loose Jeans: $69
Edge Seam Long Sleeve Top: $30
Beverly Denim Cargo Skirt: $59

Gemini Jewels

Chunky silver and gold hearts are all the rage in the new year. A simple white tee and jeans can immediately be transformed from boring, to fashionable with the addition of a statement piece necklace. Serving simple outfits with stylish accessories is what completes an off duty model vibe, which is seemingly all the rage in the world of fashion. Gemini Jewels is the perfect dupe website for higher end brands such as Haven Mayhem, giving you sleek, funky and unique jewelry for a quarter of the price. I know my personal pinterest has been filled with french models wearing rose chokers, thick chained hearts, and chord necklaces galore. The bigger, the better. At Gemini Jewels these endless variations of necklaces can be purchased in the $25 – $40 range, so you can not only indulge in these fun trends you can do so without breaking the bank.



Now this last website is slightly different from the ones above. Along with a trendsetting vibe, Halibuy is where one would go to get those pieces that you know you’re probably only wearing once. The cheapest of all the websites, the quality may not be spectacular but the designs are what everyone is looking for anyways! Simply put, Halibuy is the older, cooler, more fashion forward version of Shein. A Mardi Gras girls dream board is what you will find on Halibuy and is perfect for those cheap sets you can rock on a fun themed night out!

Mesh See Through Floral Embroidery O Ring Hollow Out Halter Maxi Dress: $24.99
Mesh Solid Backless Lace Hem Tube Top Skirt Set: $29.99
Sheer Mesh Lace Self Tie Front Floral Print Tube Top: $11.99

Featured Image via Liza Gutentag.

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