We all know and adore supermodel Kendall Jenner. We’ve watched the evolution of her striking style both on the runway and off. Society has put supermodels on a pedestal. While achieving unrealistic beauty standards as a normal person is just so not attainable, we can recreate model off duty looks.

While dressing like Kendall on the runway may not be the most budget friendly option, we can dress like her off the runway. Her street style is simple enough to condense into a couple staple items yet still looks unique and put together. Kendall knows how to use clothing to extenuate her most prominent features. The relationship between Kendall and her clothing is a two-way street. She makes the clothes look good, and the clothes make her body look even better. Her style is trendy and elevates the basics.

Straight Jeans with a Crop Top

Image Credit: Celeb Mafia, Lugako

If you have long spider legs like Kendall Jenner—or shorter legs—adding straight jeans could amplify your look. 

Kendall’s style is deeply influenced by 90’s street wear. Crop tops are a staple in her wardrobe. Who doesn’t love a tiny top, big pants look? Not only does Kendall frequent this look, so does her bestie Bella Hadid. She usually wears pastel or neutral-colored plain cropped tees and tanks.

The Button-Down

Image Credit: Bellazon, Sassy Daily

Another recurring 90’s look: the classic oversized button down. The key to this look is making it casual. Wear it open and layer with a tiny crop top or pair the button down with denim or linen shorts or just classic straight denim jeans. This look is one of my favorites to recreate. It feels somewhat professional and makes me feel put together even though I may have five Canvas assignments I need cram for due tomorrow. It’s great for going to class, and whenever I recreate this look my friends always say that I’m giving “taking the boat out.”


Image Credit: Hollywood Life, Sassy Daily

If you weren’t aware that oversized blazers are very much in this season, now you know. Everyone who is anyone sports these blazers- especially Kendall Jenner. Transforming a traditionally menswear item into a chic femme look gives your outfit some edge.

Cowboy Boots

Image Credit: Pinterest, Vogue

Cowboy boots have become increasingly popular this year. The trend took off over the past summer along with the maximalist look that I absolutely adore. While some predict the fall/winter trends will shift from maximalist to minimalist pairings with cowboy boots, I hope that the maximalist aesthetic of layering bright colors, textures and adding dimension will survive. Regardless, Kendall Jenner wins the minimalist aesthetic when it comes to cowboy boots. She tends to lean towards funky cowboy boots as the focus of her outfits.


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Kendall is the Fashion and Beauty Editor. She is currently a Sophomore majoring in Communications. She loves cooking, fashion, and hiking.

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Kendall is the Fashion and Beauty Editor. She is currently a Sophomore majoring in Communications. She loves cooking, fashion, and hiking.