Lingerie is following the trend of clothing in that minimalistic, dainty, and elegant is becoming the new sexy. Lingerie has transformed from occasional wear to everyday wear. It has embodied a unique purpose that allows women to be comfortable and feel beautiful simultaneously, not interchangeably. Sexy isn’t the Victoria Secret bombshell push-up bra anymore; it’s anything rosette, pointelle, tiny floral, and simple white cotton.

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Whenever I used to go to Victoria Secret, I would be standing in a sea of lingerie that wasn’t realistic or comfortable. I think it says a lot that the trademark for sexiness, Victoria Secret, is owned by an old white man. Yes, I’ll admit that I feel good when I wear something from Victoria Secret, but it’s not something I want to wear every day. I would also go into Victoria Secret with the mindset that I’m looking for a piece he will think is sexy. Fashion, in general, has shifted away from a maze-gazed focus and more toward the personal style that reflects what women actually want to wear.

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Why buy lingerie that just ends up sitting in your underwear drawer for months until that one special occasion comes up when you can wear it? There shouldn’t have to be a difference between your everyday underwear and your “sexy” underwear. You should be able to have the best of both worlds- cute and comfortable. And that is precisely what this new age of lingerie is all about.

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