Fashion trends are constantly changing and can become unattainable to keep up with. One day blazers are a hit, while the next day, everyone talks about how low-rise jeans are back in style. It can be easy to get caught up in the feeling of having to frequently purchase new pieces to keep up with everyone else around you. Fast fashion helps with this due to its speedy production of cheap clothing. Why do companies prioritize quantity over quality? Brands know that consumers will purchase cheaper alternatives that stay consistent with the current cycling trends. Would you keep buying from these companies if you knew that fast fashion is the 2nd largest polluter of clean water? Most likely, and here’s why.   

Even with the increased publicity of climate change, people naturally tend to navigate towards the timeliest decisions for themselves. At the moment, you might think SHEIN is the best because of how cheap it is without thinking about the long-term effects of that purchase. This is not something to beat yourself up about because psychologically, it makes sense that one would think of going for the more convenient and cheaper option. The message isn’t attempting to eliminate companies like SHEIN completely; it’s about making a conscious effort to balance out decisions based on personal convivence or the potential environmental effects.   

Shopping with intent doesn’t have to be extreme. It’s about making minor changes that will add up. Here are some tips when wanting to shop for clothing/ you don’t know what to do with clothes that you don’t want anymore:   

  1. Borrowing clothes from friends/family/acquaintances   
  2. Thrifting at local stores or online (sites like Poshmark and Threadup are great options)   
  3. Donating clothes   
  4. DIY old clothing to update the piece or turn it into something completely new  

Even though it might take longer to find specific pieces while thrifting, it’s worth it considering the effects of your shopping patterns on the planet. Because fashion trends cycle throughout the years, you might be surprised at what you’ll find at different thrift stores or what you create by DIYing an old piece of clothing. Shopping this way also allows your creativity to run free because who doesn’t love an original outfit! In the end, the little steps taken in the right direction only lead to a greener planet.   

Featured image via PINTEREST.

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