Waking up in the morning to the feeling of having nothing to wear can be frustrating. Especially when you know your closet is full of pieces you love, it can still be challenging to put outfits together with your options. I always purchase random clothing items online without any intent and then find the price tag still on months later. Focusing on building a capsule wardrobe can eliminate this problem and lead to a more “minimalist” lifestyle that some desire to achieve.   

According to theeverygirl, a Capsule Wardrobe is a “curated wardrobe made up of versatile pieces that you love to wear.” To me, a capsule wardrobe is a collection of more basic, higher-quality clothing pieces that can all mix and match seamlessly. Achieving this type of wardrobe requires intently shopping for clothes, ensuring that the piece you buy will go with other pieces you own while also matching your personal style. Additionally, this type of wardrobe is geared less towards the current cycling trends. Instead, it focuses on “timeless” pieces that might be of higher quality (options that will last you a good while vs. only lasting a few washes).   

Working towards a capsule wardrobe can be intimidating because the process starts with going through the clothes you currently have. Cleaning your closet allows you to start fresh and visually see what you own… you might have some great clothing options you didn’t even realize you had! When looking at your clothes, focus on your personal style, how long you’ve had the piece, and if there’s an inner reason why you’ve been holding onto the item. Try to envision what clothing pieces you can pair together and what you can’t. This process can be flat-out annoying but taking all the clothes out of your closet and having a friend you trust with you for a second opinion can help create a possibly satisfying experience (who doesn’t like a good closet cleanout?). In the end, a capsule wardrobe should lead you to love all your clothes, which is a great feeling overall.   

A capsule wardrobe can bring many positives to your life, including that shopping for clothes can become more manageable. Especially if you don’t like shopping for clothes, it can be nice to have a guide in your mind of what specific pieces you’re looking for. It allows you to become creative within your style. It causes you to pick out outfits more quickly, especially if your lifestyle consists of rushed mornings with minimal time to put thought into an outfit. You will also probably save some money shopping this way by limiting the tendency to spontaneously purchase clothing that you might not need/not even go with your style.  

At the end of the day, a capsule wardrobe should not be controlling your fashion sense. The concept is designed as a tool to make your life easier and make picking out outfits more enjoyable. If there are random pieces you run across that might not necessarily fit perfectly into your new wardrobe, there is no need to stress. The whole point is to have fun with it and utilize your creativity and love for fashion!   

Featured image via THEANNAEDIT.

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