As a fellow blonde who has been getting highlights since 8th grade, I understand the struggles of constantly going back and getting touch-ups. This can get expensive fast, and the damage it can do to your hair can be super frustrating. My hair health has definitely been a journey throughout the past year. I see many people’s priorities shift to wanting healthy and robust hair like myself. Because of this, something has to give; constantly bleaching your hair and restoring its health is a complicated task to do simultaneously. Can you have both? Is it possible to keep your blonde while also maintaining adequate hair health? There certainly is a way with the proper knowledge…

When I first started getting highlights, especially in high school, I was obsessed with getting my hair as blonde as possible. I would walk into the salon and ask for my hair to be as cool-toned as possible since my hair naturally has a lot of warm tones. Having your hair bleached super blonde can be amazing initially, but sustaining a natural-looking grow-out can be tricky. I started noticing significant damage that wasn’t going away, but my desire to be blonde was personally nonnegotiable. My Tik Tok feed has been filled with blonde looks that consist of more natural-looking tones, which creates a base for a smoother grow-out and has inspired me to have a different mindset for my “blondeness” goals. 

So, when you get to the salon… What do you ask for? 

What you ask for depends on your natural hair color and your desired look. If you naturally have very dark brown hair, achieving the “super cool-toned” blonde can take a few appointments. Because you would have to process your hair a few times in a shorter period, you are way more susceptible to dryness and breakage. An alternative is getting a balayage, which consists of highlights concentrated at the mids and ends of your hair. By not bleaching your whole head of hair, the hairstylist can create a style that will keep your roots pretty much the same, avoiding the look of a blunt grow-out a few weeks down the line. “Bumping” your hair is also an option, which is when the stylists add color to your hair that lightens your base color. When this is done, you can go for lighter looks without risking unnatural-looking highlights. 

If you naturally have a lighter shade of brown hair, you are blessed when it comes to getting highlights. It’s much easier for your hair to pull the amount of pigment you wish to achieve a natural-looking blonde. In this case, I go for a full head of highlights and request a toner similar to my natural hair color. I typically ask the hair stylist to “bump up” my natural color to have a natural-looking style while also achieving the level of blondeness I desire. The opportunities are endless, and experimenting with different types of toners can open the doors to many different inspired looks. 

Here are some of my favorite “blonde girl” products: 

Photo via Pureology.
Photo via Pureology.

Pureology’s top coat in Purple (for a cooler tone) or Gold (for a warmer tone). This is a great at-home toner to maintain your color and prolong your time between appointments.

Olaplex Purple Shampoo is a great but strong shampoo that will intensely tone your hair while supporting other Olaplex products (if you use those in your routine). Keep in mind, though, that Olaplex is designed to help bond your hair, not necessarily to add hydration.

Photo via Olaplex.

Pureology’s Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner have been my go-to combo for a long time. It’s one of the reasons my hair has come back to life. The hydrating line gives my hair the boost it needs to aid in dryness and breakage. I also use Pureology’s Multi-Tasking Leave-In Conditioner Spray when I get out of the shower to help detangle and add additional nourishment. As you can see, I love Pureology; their products, in my opinion, are worth the price for excellent hair health!

Photo via Pureology.
Photo via Pureology.

Featured Image via Pinterest.

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