As the winter season rolls around, the fashion trends of 2021 are starting to make an appearance in daily streetwear. There’s now more opportunity for layering different types of pieces to create one of a kind looks. Even though the weather doesn’t drop too much in New Orleans, the slight decrease in temperature is the perfect excuse to throw on a statement jacket and boots for class. 

Here are 4 winter trends that are fun and simple to add to your daily wardrobe: 

Pops of Color 

I love wearing neutral colors as much as the next person, but this season you’ll see all different pops of color. Either one or multiple pieces of color add a statement that neutrals can’t achieve. My favorites are colored sweats for lazier days or multi-colored tanks to throw on with jeans or yoga pants. You could also add any type of jacket; the possibilities are truly endless with this trend. 



Double Denim 

Double denim can be an intimidating look to throw on, but it’s all the rave that’s inspired by the 90s. The 90s and 2000s fashion are cycling through the current year of trends. You can make it warm by wearing jeans and a denim jacket or swap the pants with denim shorts/skirt. I also love when the shade of denim is mismatched because it makes it realistic to recreate without having to purchase new pieces.    




The look of Y2K has become very popular these days, especially around campus. It can be so easy to put together, and the best part is how individualistic 2000s trends are. This trend also accentuates the iconic moments of velour sets from the one and only Paris Hilton. Velour sets (and sets in general) are cozy and cute all in one, making them my go-to in college. Y2K also includes a combo of cropped graphic tank tops and low-rise jeans. Adding fun accessories like pearl necklaces, Y2K inspired sunglasses, and shoulder bags can tie the whole Y2K vibe together. 




Don’t be mistaken, blazers are not just for business presentations and interviews. This statement piece has become a popular addition to people’s wardrobes, especially the look of oversized blazers. Getting it a size or two larger gives the piece a causal edge while also maintaining its classiness. The fun of it is that blazers come in different materials and patterns to choose an overall vibe that you’re looking for. My personal favorite is a faux leather oversized blazer that you can put over any type of outfit. It’s staple pieces like these that can make you look put together with minimal effort. 


Cover Photo: Carolyn Ellis (The Crescent Graphic Design Team)

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