I know I’m not the only one who still rides in their high school glory of being an athlete. Playing sports was once a huge part of many college students’ daily lives, but now without the push of your peers playing, being on the same team for years, etc., it can be easier to hit the Boot or be “too busy with classes” to organize a group to play.

Playing sports can be a huge identity factor. In high school I played soccer 6 times a week year round, and whenever asked by parents, friends, or teachers “what do you like to do for fun,” my easy answer was always “Soccer!” Now I can’t say that because I haven’t touched a soccer ball in two years.

These days, you may see me running (might look more like a walk) around Audubon every now and then. That’s what I consider my college exercise— and I frankly don’t even like it. I’m sure I’m not the only one finding their college exercise routine somewhat unpleasant… and honestly not that fun as you transition from your typical high school sports schedule. I can’t be the only one who does NOT jump out of bed, excited to jog through the thick New Orleans air, for countless other students see you to see me dawdling through Audubon. Without any competition, accountability, or social aspect, college students are losing touch with the simple thing they love: playing sports and being active.

Luckily, there is a solution.

Image by Meredith Stais

Conquer is a new startup created by a Tulane 2020 alum, Louis Long, and his friend Matthew Lee. Conquer is an app which organizes pick up games for sports. You add a location and it becomes open to the nearby public for signing up. 

No need to rent out a facility, no need to join a team for long-term commitment, and no need to have other players ready to go. You sign up yourself and can meet other players who are ready to play. It is casual, simple, and FREE. Conquer also has a ranking section, so no need to mark your abilities by recounting 3 year old, outdated MaxPreps. 


Whether you’re down for a competitive game of pick-up at 8, or spikeball next to a keg at the fly for sunset, Conquer can help you out. 

Sporty or not, games are fun whoever you are. Download it just for that, or for the fact that it’s started by Tulane students. Creator Louis Long graduated Tulane in 2020 during COVID. Throughout high school he was an avid soccer player, but in college lost touch with that with the busyness of school. Long was reminded by his love of the game when he played in Madrid during his semester abroad. After college, Long moved to New York City and did not yet have the network for casual pick up games. Long created this app to bring back players’ ability to engage in sports without the major commitment or network, but still with the competition and love for the game. 

So to anyone still riding on their high school glory, smack talking with tie breakers from high school, or honestly doesn’t want to play spike ball by themself in the quad— download Conquer. 


Link to download: https://www.conquer-us.com/

Instagram: @conquer_app

Cover photo: CONQUER

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