Just about any night of the week during the school year, you could head over to the corner of Zimple Street and Broadway to discover a crowd of young adults spilling out onto the street. The Boot Bar and Grill, which is constantly being ranked as the #1 College Bar in the United States, is home to the best Hurricanes, Boot Bombs, happy hours, and so much more.

The Boot Bar and Grill and its next-door counterpart, The Boot Store, are some of the most desirable locations for Tulane students to frequent on a near daily basis. But before the days of cheap drinks and Boot pizza (with cold cheese, of course), a grocery store was housed in our favorite bar. Complete with a pinball machine—because what else would you expect from a 1960’s grocery store—“Eddie Price’s Grocery Store” was repeatedly a big destination for Tulane students to hang out in. Owner Eddie Price is a former Tulane football player who went on to become a professional runningback for the New York Giants. Upon his retirement, he returned to his hometown of New Orleans to open his grocery store.

In the 1970’s, a man by the name of Charles Nebly Sr. purchased the space from Price and turned it into everything we know and love today. Named after the similarity between the shape of Louisiana and a boot, The Boot Bar and Grill opened its doors.

Like most places in New Orleans, Hurricane Katrina had a negative effect on The Boot. After closing for nine months after Katrina left four feet of water and structural damages The Boot has only grown in popularity and recognition since its repair. Students from both Tulane and Loyola Universities love attending nightly napkin throws to “Sandstorm” and pitcher nights. The revamped layout post-Katrina leaves an open space for students and locals alike to come together and dance to the DJ’s best throwbacks, any day of the week.

We’ve all experienced the wrath of being a broke college student, but The Boot makes it easy on Tuesday nights with $0.50 shots, $1 singles, $1.50 long necks, and $2 doubles. With Happy hour on Wednesday and Friday nights and Pitcher Night every Thursday, The Boot knows how to draw in it’s crowd of college students on a nightly basis. And not only is this bar the spot for legal adults, but 18+ year olds are admitted with a valid ID. We’re lucky to have an amazing college spot so close by, so grab your friends and don’t miss out on everyone’s favorite Boot Nights before you’re graduated and wishing you could step inside a Wednesday happy one more time.


Hayley Meisel

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