You’re in the Boot. “Sandstorm” has just come on and the bartenders are dancing on the bartop. The beat drops and they toss handfuls of napkins in the air. You throw your hands up when—Oh, shoot!—you end up losing grip of your phone. You pick it up and the front screen is completely shattered. You know you don’t have time for a twenty minute Uber to the Apple Store in Metairie or a few hundred dollars to drop on a new phone screen, and you only have a couple of days before you go home, where your parents will certainly yell at you for being careless. What do you do?

Lucky for you, Oh Shoot Repairs is here to help.

Back in 2018, roommates Philip Brossy and Josh Weiner noticed the lack of resources on or near Tulane’s campus to repair a phone screen. Being that many college students break their phone at least once over the course of their college career, they know they needed to step in and help.

Brossy and Weiner spent the end of their freshman year at Tulane creating and refining what is known today as Oh Shoot Repairs. Their goal was to create a business that would make it easier for college students to get their devices repaired.

“You save time and you save money,” Brossy said about the benefit of going through Oh Shoot Repairs as opposed to an Apple store. The process takes no more than an hour and is on average 25% cheaper than taking your iPhone to the nearest Apple store. The best part? Your phone is picked up and dropped off to campus, so you don’t have to worry about calling a handful of Ubers.

Oh Shoot Repairs currently only operates on and buys used iPhones, but they are looking forward to expanding their business beyond Apple products in the future.

While Brossy and Weiner have been working tirelessly to transform the way Tulane and Loyola students can get their phones fixed, they have also managed to expand their business to ten new campus chapters in the last few weeks.

“The second iteration of our business is giving the opportunity to open up your own branch,” explained Weiner. If you choose to sign on and pay a small security deposit fee, you receive an initial batch of inventory to get started as an official Oh Shoot Repairs branch manager. Brossy and Weiner then run you through their training program and  act as your wholesale distributor, allowing you to hire your campus’ team.    

“A big reason we do this is because we’re both entrepreneurs,” said Weiner. “It’s who we are in practice and we really enjoy giving people these skills.” Brossy and Weiner hope to bring Oh Shoot Repairs to every college campus in the country.

Being that Oh Shoot Repairs is 25% cheaper than an Apple store, is guaranteed to take less than an hour, and is located right here on campus, there’s no better place to get a quick and easy iPhone repair. Until you need it, be sure to check out their website,  where you can learn more about their company, book appointments, or become a branch partner at your own school.

COVER PHOTO: Oh Shoot Repairs

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