Staying fit in college is a topic I have written about and mulled over many times before. We are told to keep our bodies moving, eat our greens, and sleep a full eight hours every night (as if). Where does one even start? MindBody is the perfect place to do so. MindBody is a free app that you can download in the app store that helps users live healthier and more connected lives, in all aspects of the word. It is a platform for local business, either in the fitness, wellness, or beauty sectors to promote themselves. It is the perfect place to discover new exercise classes, beauty salons, and wellness studios.

The fitness section ranges from yoga to barre to any exercise class one could imagine taking. This is helpful for a health-conscious user because it shows every option, including places you might not have even thought of before. The wellness category includes massages, acupuncture, meditation, nutrition, chiropractor, naturopathic medicine, prenatal care, physical therapy, coaching/healing, cryotherapy, heated therapy, reflexology, water therapy, body treatments, and options for kids. Each tab has options of the services near you! The beauty section is similar with selections of hair salons, face treatments, nail services, hair removal, makeup/lashes/brows, med spa, tanning, and tattoos/piercings. The options are extensive in New Orleans, and I have tested many of the exercise classes and beauty options. Free to Be Yoga and Romney Studios are great for getting a sweat in; whereas Poppy & Ivy Face Bar and BLEU are great for beauty services.

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There are often first-time specials featured on the app for someone who just wants to give something a try but not dedicate a huge amount of money towards it. There are “last minute” offers as well, which appear closer to the time of a workout class at a discounted price. I will say that MindBody serves as more of a platform for businesses to connect with users rather than solely being cost-efficient for students, but it’s a great place to start! Check out the options and work your way up from there; the homepages for the services or classes will be more representative. MindBody is available in many cities and is also super helpful when traveling! This app has helped me immensely to discover new health spaces in New Orleans and go out of my comfort zone, all while treating my body kindly.



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