A few weeks ago, I attended an art show at the Howlin’ Wolf geniously titled “Pancakes & Booze.” It is the tenth year of the pop up art show, which is 18+ and features over 50 local artists and 250 pieces of artwork.

New Orleans art vendors, t-shirt designers, and soap makers gather in this venue usually reserved for entertainment and music purposes. The cover charge at the door is $10 and includes free pancakes, music from local DJs, and live body painting. One women had her entire top half painted pink with silver details; someone’s getting ready for Mardi Gras! After waiting in line for pancakes, I topped mine off with chocolate and banana. The show goes from 8pm-2am, and it perfectly satisfied my sweet tooth. There is also a bar for those over 21.

My experience was wonderful, and I enjoyed being able to see a side of New Orleans that I usually do not interact with when I go out at night. Each vendor had a different story and a unique style, and I was continually amazed by each item I saw. The vendors I saw that stood out to me the most were Swagga Bomb, Geaux Naturale, Sunny Moss, Carrere Art Co, and Off the Porch Designs. Swagga Bomb sells a necklace pouch that holds your alcohol, which is perfect for Mardi Gras or darties! Geaux Naturale was selling all natural products (candles, soaps, balms) that smelled delicious. Off the Porch Designs is run by none other than Tulane junior Hanna Leace! I could picture pieces from each artist in my future apartment. They were modern but like nothing I had seen before, reminding me that New Orleans is so special in the artistic visions it fosters. Out of many pieces that Carrere Art Co was selling, the ones that stood out to me most were the sneakers that had intricate designs on them in what looked like paint or pen.

Everyone was incredibly nice and so open to telling you more about their artwork and their experience. My friends and I walked three times around the venue, each time finding something new to look at. I would highly recommend you attend this show next time—you only need an hour and a love for pancakes!

COVER PHOTO: Pancakes and Booze

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