If you’re interested in working in the entertainment industry, Tulane Sports and Entertainment Business Society (SEBS) is the place for you! Recently launched by sophomore Sam Bruchhaus, the club covers a range of fields including film, music, and sports. The sports wing is run by founder Sam Bruchhaus, the music wing is run by junior Emily Baldridge and the film wing is run by junior Harper Altshule.

Within the fields of entertainment and sports, the club’s main objectives are to bring networking and industry opportunities to Tulane’s campus, to create an on-campus community of people interested in these fields, and to bridge the gap between Tulane and the industry. In the long run, the club hopes to build relationships with local organizations who may need volunteers or have work opportunities.


Each of the three wings holds weekly meetings, events, and speakers, but club members are encouraged to attend events from all three wings. While the events usually focus solely on one of the wings, the club is excited about some crossover events soon that involve an integration of the wings. An example of this may include a speaker discussing how song rights get sold to the film industry for movies. Being able to combine fields is a great way to see how all of the sectors of entertainment interact with one another. Bruchhaus stated that his favorite part of the club is the “intertwining between the three industries. Regardless of what you are interested in, each event and each speaker has something important to say that can help in any competitive industry, and that has helped me a lot since the inception of the club.”

In SEBS, every week is full of exciting events ranging from influential speakers to internship opportunities. Just last week, the film section brought in John B. Peters, a cinematographer/director who has worked on a plethora of movies and television shows including The Lifeguard and The Vampire Diaries. The club members were also very excited to welcome writer and director Chris Poche, and hear what he had to say about the industry. The sports section is currently working on an analytics group, a sports journalism startup, and a basketball negotiation workshop. The music section recently had two of their club members discuss their internships with Sony, sharing advice on how to land an internship in the music industry and giving insight into what their experiences were like. They are excited to hear from a Live Nation staff member in the upcoming weeks. Not only are these events intriguing and exciting, but they are also great preparation for a career in these fields.

The club is always looking for new and exciting ways to get experience in the industry. They are currently looking at opportunities on campus that will help members build a tangible portfolio of work. Music wing members will soon be paired up with music students and become their mini-manager in New Orleans. They will be responsible for getting them booked to perform in local bars, coffee shops, or other venues. As for film students, there may be a collaboration with DMPR students in the near future.

If you’re looking to gain more experience or just want to learn more about one of the three wings, SEBS would be a great way to dive into the entertainment industry. They welcome new members and encourage potential new members to join their Facebook group, and follow them on Instagram. Joining SEBS is a great way to become immersed in the New Orleans entertainment community right here on campus.

PHOTOS: courtesy of Harper Altshule

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