Sexuality, relationships, and hook-up culture are a hot topic amongst college kids today. We are living in the middle of the #MeToo era, a movement that is working to raise awareness about, and ultimately end, issues of sexual assault and harassment. We as college students make up a large number of these activists. Because of this, I believe that it is imperative for media outlets to shine the right light on these matters. Right here on campus, Tulane senior Tori Novie’s student film has done just that.

Sent by Tori Novie

If Lost, Return to Film explores female sexuality expectations among women in college. Tori was assigned to this project as part of her Digital Media Production major senior capstone course. Her assignment was to write, produce, and direct a film that touches on personal topics that embody her entire Tulane educational experience. As Tori said in a press release about the inspiration of her film: “I wanted to make a movie about sex from the female perspective. So many movies or shows focus on this love story, but I think mine focuses more on empowering each other and ourselves.”

What makes this film particularly unique is that it tells the story through the lens of a 21-year-old virgin; this important decision enables Tori’s film to connect with so many students on campus. The sheer commonality that this film portrays helps students from across the board to feel less vulnerable and alone. While telling the story of a young woman who has set out to lose her virginity with the help of her best friends, If Lost, Return to Film integrates ideas about virginity and female stereotypes that are misconstrued throughout our society, particularly in entertainment and media. Tori hopes that by telling this story, she will be able to inspire educational discussion across Tulane’s campus regarding female sexuality. This is especially fitting, because in a college world where it seems as if relationships and intimacy are everywhere we look, it is important to grasp what society is expecting of us versus what we are actually comfortable with doing.

I admire that Tori is bringing this topic to the stage. Female sexuality, stereotypes, and expectations have become an immense issue in society today and it is so important for these discussions to be had, as well as heard by college students. If you want to find out more about how Tori’s story unfolds, be sure to catch the show on December 10th at the Prytania Theatre. This screening, along with other senior capstone films, will be free to the public.

Cover Photo: Keira Rosner

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