Good vibes and a pulsating energy filled downtown New Orleans two weeks ago when Cherub, an electro-indie duo, took the stage at House of Blues. The duo, Jordan Kelley and Jason Huber, originally met at a waterpark in their hometown of Nashville, Tennessee. Flash forward five years later, and the two of them are beginning their musical career together as a duo known as Cherub.

House of Blues’ intimate, two-floor setting was the perfect location for this concert. The proximity of the artists to the audience allowed everyone to interact, and enjoy the music more than a typical arena concert. The two floors made it possible for people to choose how they wanted to experience Cherub; the bottom floor was full of college students dancing, and the top was mostly composed of young adults chatting with some friends while watching the performance. Either way, both levels were full of people enjoying Cherub’s intimate performance.

The show opened up with Mosie, an up-and-coming alternative artist from Boston, MA. Mosie had such a friendly, personable vibe that it felt as if he was performing in front of friends, rather than fans. There was no special stage lighting or extravagant features for the opener, all of which enhanced the intimacy of the setting. He had a similar musical vibe as Cherub, both falling under the electro-indie genre. His fun personality shined through his quirky outfit and his dance moves, and his music had a way of getting everyone in the room nodding their heads with their hands held high. He was a great asset for setting the mood before Cherub came out.

Cherub took the stage, and the crowd went crazy, giving insight as to what the rest of the show would be like. The second that the beat of “XOXO” began, a carefree, yet exhilarated energy filled the room. Their first song was a great choice for an opener because it is one of their well-known songs, but not the most popular one, which kept the audience wanting more. Looking around, I did not see one person standing still. Cherub really knew how to keep the energy in the room high.


At the supposed end of the concert, Cherub had yet to play their most popular song, “Doses and Mimosas.” They left the stage, lights turned off, but the crowd just knew this couldn’t be the end. After a few minutes of refusing to leave, the very distinct beginning beats of Doses and Mimosas filled the room, bringing back the lively energy. Lights were flashing, confetti was flying, and everyone’s hands were in the air. The song ended with one of them jumping into the crowd to attempt a crowd surf, but ending up hitting the floor, creating a swarm of fans gathered around. It was definitely a memorable way to end a concert.

Overall, the vibe of the concert could be described by Carpe Diem. Looking around, it felt as if time had stood still and I was living in a dream. Everyone seemed to be very in the moment and alive. Everyone in the room had a great night experiencing the passionate, unique duo that is Cherub.


Jordana Comiter

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