Whether trekking around campus to get to class on time or just strolling down the uneven New Orleans sidewalks at night, comfort is key when choosing footwear. Sneaker trends are continually changing, but there are styles that continue to dominate the market as they are comfortable, trendy, and affordable for the Tulane student. I’ve listed the styles that have been worn by most every girl at Tulane, and a few more that will be on campus before you know it.

Converse’s Chuck Taylors are the original school sneakers that automatically deliver a sense of nostalgia. These throwback kicks will most likely never go out of style due to their simplistic and classic look. Converse has introduced new playful twists on their typical shoe by working with other iconic brands. Launching joint collections with companies such as Comme de Garcons has kept Converse fresh, but not enough to maintain their domination of the market.


Then came the Adidas Superstar sneaker. I have no doubt that everyone at some point has seen those three black stripes somewhere around campus. The superstar fad lasted for just a short short time, but Adidas continued to maintain popularity with their next big launch.2.png

Adidas’ Stan Smith tennis shoe became the “it” fashion sneaker for going out and about. In fact, Adidas revealed that Stan Smiths were the company’s best-selling shoes of all time. The comfort and sleek design of this item was a hit among Tulane students for a significant period of time.


Vans became the new Stans as the Adidas wave passed. The skater kids’ sneaker of choice, old skool Vans, became the favorite for Tulane students. Vans rose to prominence throughout the 70s and 80’s skater culture and made its comeback as the favoured street style sneaker 50 years later.


As platform sneakers became all the rage amongst top designers, Superga released their best-selling classic style and added a sturdy platform sole for an edgy and casual look. These sneakers gained a huge following due to their ability to provide height and instantly elongate the legs.


Nike was not going to be left behind in the trend, so they took their Nike Air Force 1, originally a sporty shoe, and turned them into a prominent retro fashion look. Celebrities constantly show off their AF1’s with a variety of styles such as feminine dresses, edgy outfits and even loungewear. AF1s have become extremely popular among people of all ages.


Keep an eye out for the 90s chunky dad trainer as it has suddenly caught everyone’s attention. Fila’s Disruptor II is certainly this season’s must-have sneaker. Some students are already on trend with this one and I’m positive that before long it will show up all over campus.


Make sure to keep an eye out for the next cutting-edge sneaker!

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