Ruined your everyday sneakers at Voodoo? Struggling to find the middle ground between sleek and chunky? Worry not, for I have the perfect candidates to take your new favorite sneakers spot. This time we are focusing on versatility and differentiation. They will work phenomenally well with your browns and tans, while turning heads down McAlister when the leaves start to fall. Here are five of my favorites with cult followings that anyone can work into their wardrobe.

1. Nike Cortez “Forrest Gump”

A star of the movie and the 70’s, these are the shoes Jenny gave to Forrest and the ones he wore on his cross-country run. The same shoes in white and black also appeared on Jordan Belfort in Wolf of Wall Street during the crashed Lamborghini scene. It’s got history and star endorsements, and you get a lot for the modest price. An easy year-round daily driver.


2. Comme des Garçon Play X Converse “Multi Heart”

Based on the cushy Chuck Taylor 70’s, the new Multi Heart pack is a lighthearted and easy-going rendition of the previous single heart version. Historically, CDG chucks reached mass popularity even outside of fashion circles due to ease of access and reasonable pricing. The Multi Heart is without a doubt one of the better offerings made between this longstanding collaboration.


3. A.P.C. Techno 

This is French staple A.P.C. (Atelier de Production et de Création)’s interpretation of the late dad shoe trend. For those unfamiliar with what they do, imagine your favorite everyday essential, be it a t-shirt or blue jeans, dialed up to 10 on fit, quality, and design. It’s no different on the Technos. I don’t usually endorse chunky sneakers, but they nailed the nostalgia without over-exaggerating the silhouette. Like everything A.P.C. makes, it’s unfussy and inconspicuous.


4. Maison Margiela Retro Runner

The facelifted version 2.0 is one of the best-looking retro runners out there. Some details are very subtly tweaked to bring the 1.0 more contemporary, like the lower, more streamlined tongue and the slightly protruding sole on the heel. Wear it with vintage wash jeans to accentuate the paradoxical retro-futurist anomaly. The 101 sneakers for looking avant-garde without trying.


5. Common Projects Achilles Retro

Known as the Achilles with parchment sole and a more forgiving toe box, enter the Achilles Retro. For the die-hard minimalist in need of a boxier Achilles, look no further. Common Projects have been on the market for many years, and its reputation as the gold standard for white sneakers has been tested and challenged almost constantly from different contenders. However, the Achilles has never failed to come up on top at the end of the day and remains the definitive white sneaker for every wardrobe. The parchment sole gives a vintage touch, and the red heel compliments fall fits perfectly. A worthy investment for many years to come, don’t forget to shoetree them.



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