As a college student and a sneaker enthusiast, I can freely admit that sneakers are my go-to type of footwear. Classes do not have dress codes, so why wear anything other than sandals and sneakers? Every once in a while, a special occasion arises and, as much as I hate to say this, even our most versatile sneakers would not suffice. Enter: the undisputed king of horse bit loafers from Gucci.


The loafers were an instant hit when they landed in 1953 and have since been called the 1953 loafers. These quickly became the footwear of choice for the Jet Set and Hollywood alike, and for good reason. They boast formality and elegance while the sporty horse bits give the loafers just the right amount of kick to stand out from the rest. Though the leather is pristinely soft, the superb build quality ensures each pair will withstand the test of time if properly taken care of.

In 2015, the then-new designer Alessandro Michele unleashed perhaps one of the most significant footwear silhouettes of this generation. While maintaining the historical horse bits, Michele molded the conservative toe box into a slim and contemporary icon. He repurposed the loafer from a pre-historic relic in fashion to a Wall Street staple and a weekend weapon with relaxing details like collapsible heels and fur lining.


Both the 1953 version and Michele’s new loafers offer unrivaled versatility and personality into any wardrobe, and they are without hesitation must-haves for any age group. With time, they are going to slowly steal wearing time from even your favorite sandals and sneakers. To the untrained eye, they are just another pair of loafers, but they make you stand just a little taller and make your day feel a little more special knowing you are treading the tremendous history of horse bit loafers forward. If I was judged solely by my shoes, let it be these. If I am going to the Met Gala tomorrow and must pick a pair of shoes, I think you already know my answer.

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