While on a plane home to New Orleans, I knew I was supposed to be writing my overdue Crescent article on the best coats for this winter. For some reason, I couldn’t bring myself to write an article extremely similar to many I’ve written in the past. Online shopping is like second nature to me, so shopping for picks for an article is usually a fun task. In the past two weeks, I’ve found myself unmotivated to do many activities that I usually enjoy and value as part of my daily routine at Tulane. I’m tired. I’m really, really tired.

This semester has taken a large toll on my physical and mental state. While I can easily say I have never had more fun in my entire life, I’ve lost track of some things that are really important to me. Last spring, my big warned me that first semester sophomore year is A LOT. She used the exact words “insane” and “absurd” to describe the partying that was to come. That was probably the understatement of the century.

I’ve always been a hardworking student. I’ve been stressing myself out over grades since  the fourth grade. I take pride in my work ethic and my dedication to school. Even if the results are not always in my favor, I am usually proud of the work I do. This semester I’ve watched myself slowly start to care less and try less. It’s not because I don’t still want the same end results, it’s because my priorities have been out of whack. So why am I all of the sudden less motivated? It’s because I am trying to balance it all at Tulane, and that’s a pretty difficult task. Even as I write this article, my mind is racing about the essay I should be writing right now, the dress I need for a date party this week, when I’m fitting in my workout today, when I’m doing my laundry, going grocery shopping, and oh, looking for a summer internship!

Taking time out of the day to care for yourself is so important to all college students. I love having a regimented routine, including an almost daily workout, time to watch Netflix, and relax with my roommates (who are my best friends in the world). Recently, we have all been discussing our heightened anxiety and lack of feeling like ourselves. None of us can put our fingers on the cause, except the crazy social schedule we have been keeping up with. As my mom recently pointed out, my normal voice has been replaced with a naturally raspy voice, and I haven’t been able to speak without straining my voice in weeks. I feel fatigued, I’ve averaged one to two workouts a week, and my love for healthy eating and cooking is nowhere to be found. Now, this is not to say that college isn’t a time of enjoyment, fun, and balance in terms of eating, working out, and going out. There is nothing wrong with working out one to two times a week. In fact, that’s pretty great in college. It’s the fact that my roommates and I do not feel like ourselves, and we have completely lost the routines that keep us in check.

I love Tulane with all my heart, and even more so this semester, but sometimes you just need a break. Staying out late several nights a week, sleeping in or skipping class, and forgetting my priorities and goals is not increasing my overall happiness. Yes, I am a happy person, and I love and feel so grateful for my life, but I need some more stability. I’ve taken the time to realize what is important to me. Is that one Wednesday Boot night more valuable than my health? Definitely not. While it’s easy to feel pressure to go out and keep up with everyone else, you need to prioritize YOU. I’m not even entirely sure how to give advice to do so, but I think that is what is so real about The Crescent. This is more of a reflection and a way for other students to relate. You are not the only one trying to keep up and maybe failing at that. Here are some ideas of ways to try to reintroduce your routine and slow down the crazy college lifestyle.

  1. One of roommates recommended downloading the app “Headspace.” While I have definitely laughed at my mom, who is an avid meditator, I think it’s time I give it a try to find some peace of mind.
  2. Experiment with anti-stress products. I recently purchased CBD oil from a company called Tonic. It’s completely legal and so relaxing to take before going to bed. It has a funky taste, but I’ve found it easier to fall asleep when I am really stressed out.
  3. Try switching up your workout routine. While an hour-long sweat session on the treadmill at Reily is great, I want to make an effort to try some new exercises. Book classes with your friends so you stay motivated and accountable. I’ll be going to hot yoga and a megaformer class this week instead of my usual workout.
  4. Make plans that make you excited, not ones you dread. Hang out with people that lift you up and that you actually want to spend your valuable time with.
  5. SLEEP!!! I am going to make an effort to get at least 7-8 hours every night this week. I can’t be my best and motivated self if I’m tired and grumpy.

I know it can be a lot to manage it all. Know your limits and don’t forget to take a little break when you need it. If nothing else, I hope this a reminder that you are not the only one feeling a little funky!

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About Giulia Lipton

Giulia Lipton (that’s Julia with a G—she’s Italian!) is a sophomore from NYC. She loves going to SoulCycle and acting as a personal stylist to her friends.

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Giulia Lipton (that’s Julia with a G—she’s Italian!) is a sophomore from NYC. She loves going to SoulCycle and acting as a personal stylist to her friends.