Over spring break, I was lucky enough to go to Paris for a week with my mom. I, like many other people, have a glorified image of Paris; the city of lights and love, filled with an abundance of culture. From endless chocolate croissants and baguettes with butter to perfect afternoon cappuccinos, it was an amazing week to say the least. Our favorite aspect of Paris was the impeccable street style of French women. We were in awe of the polished and chic outfits we saw. This trip definitely made me realize that I need to invest in a grey duster coat and a perfect pair of Chelsea boots for everyday wear. We tried to visit a new museum each day, but the exhibit that stood out to me the most was the Martin Margiela exhibit at the Palais Galliera, which is still open through July 15th.

The exhibit features the development of the designer’s collections from 1989 until 2009. As a fan of the designer, it was incredible to see how his work has changed over time, and the way he has challenged the fashion industry with his innovative garments. Each collection had a clear vision with an emphasis on a certain color scheme or a specific piece, like an oversized jacket or shoulder pads. I have always known Margiela for his “Replica” sneakers, so it was very interesting to view other collections that differ from the brand’s usual aesthetic. Below are some pictures I snapped at the exhibit.


I loved the use of pattern and color in these garments, as it was something very different from the brand’s current emphasis on neutrals and gold and silver accents.

The exhibit had a couple of rooms like this one above – perfectly curated. The colors scream what Margiela means to me. There is an essence of grunge in every piece but everything is crafted to perfection with clean lines and colors.


One of my favorite parts of the exhibit was this display of photographs of models in a collection. It’s always so interesting to see behind the scenes of a polished designer.



Finally, I loved this display of oversized, billowing jackets. Margiela still makes many larger garments, so it was cool to see the consistency of the brand over time. I felt extremely inspired after leaving this exhibit and being in Paris in general. Parisian style is effortless and timeless, and this trip will definitely be influencing the outfits I put together in the future.

COVER PHOTO: The New York Times

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Giulia Lipton (that’s Julia with a G—she’s Italian!) is a sophomore from NYC. She loves going to SoulCycle and acting as a personal stylist to her friends.