With so many holidays to dress up for in New Orleans, the city is understandably filled with costume shops. In less than 30 minutes on the streetcar, you can find incredibly unique places right on Magazine Street. With COVID and Hurricane Ida heavily affecting small businesses in New Orleans, it is especially important for students to contribute to the city’s stores. In addition, the costumes that can be put together at these shops are unique and special to New Orleans. Visiting these shops offers an opportunity to see the festival spirit, which is so vibrant throughout the city. Here is a list of places to shop locally this Halloween.

1. Miss Claudia’s Vintage Clothing & Costumes- 4204 Magazine St, New Orleans

Opening Miss Claudia’s pink and green door feels like walking into a storybook. There are costume components waiting to be assembled everywhere. Instead of common, completed outfits, this shop has a collection of unique items that can be made into incredible costumes. The store owner loves to offer inspiration, and will help you think of clever ideas. They have a wide selection of shoes and accessories to complete your outfit. At Miss Claudia’s, you can walk in without any costume ideas, and leave with eclectic items that will make a costume you never would have imagined. Beyond Halloween, there are so many fun pieces that could be added to your regular closet. The shop is located across the street from Buffalo Exchange, to add to the thrifting spirit.

2. Uptown Costume and Dance- 4326 Magazine St, New Orleans

Right next to Peach’s Record Store, Uptown Costume and Dance reminds me more of a typical costume shop, with aisles filled with things to try on. They have a wide variety, with different sections of costumes labeled as you walk through the store. They also have a large selection of wigs and makeup to be added to whatever costume you find. The workers are helpful and love to offer advice. If there is a specific thing you are looking for to complete a costume, Uptown Costume and Dance will probably have it.

3. Funky Monkey- 3127 Magazine St, New Orleans

A cross between a thrift store and a costume shop, I loved visiting Funky Monkey for the experience, in addition to their costume selection. When I visited on a Saturday, there was an antique sale outside, and inside there were costumes at the front and fun thrifted clothes dispersed throughout the store. They have a combination of completed costumes and potential components of costumes, so it is fun to visit and get creative with the things that they have. Their checkout counter is also filled with costume jewelry to complete the look. Located on a bustling part of Magazine, there are plenty of restaurants to pop into after a successful day of thrifting.

4. Southern Costume Company- 951 Lafayette St, New Orleans

On this list, Southern Costume Company would rank as the most typical costume shop. A giant warehouse, it has endless aisles filled with costumes from any category. The farthest away out of these four, it is a good reason to go visit downtown. They are also known for their Mardi Gras collections, in addition to Halloween.

Cover photo: Inclan Interactive

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