Getting ready to go back to school is an overwhelming yet exciting time. It’s always sad when summer comes to an end, and you have to say goodbye to your home, friends, and family. I know that I’ve recently been feeling a lot of mixed feelings about going back to school. I am so excited to start a new semester, reunite with my friends, and be back in NOLA, but leaving home can be difficult. However, I’ve realized a lot of my anxiety comes from packing up all my stuff and worrying about getting resettled at school! These are some of my tips for back to school packing that can help get rid of those pre-school nerves.

1. Make lists.

Although it seems rather obvious, making a list is a packing life-changer. Make detailed lists of what you need to buy before school, replace, do, and pack. Checking things off a list relieves a lot of my packing anxiety and helps me keep track of what still needs to be done.

2. Less is more.

We all know how small dorm room closets are. I like to lay out everything I’m packing before I put it in my suitcases or boxes. I always end up taking things out of my piles that I know I won’t wear at school. New Orleans is hot, so you don’t need to bring your cozy winter sweaters or boots just yet. Be smart about what you pack; you know what you wear, and if an item of clothing hasn’t left your drawers in the last two months, you probably aren’t going to wear it at school.

3. Amazon is your best friend.

I like to ship any new toiletries, beauty products, or makeup to school, so that I don’t have to take up extra room packing them. You can also always go to Target, Blue Mercury, or Sephora in NOLA!

4. Pack your suitcases strategically.

I like to divide my clothes by category of clothing so that way when I unpack, my things aren’t all over the place, and I can do one drawer at a time. This makes unpacking much more efficient.

It can be overwhelming resettling into your life in NOLA. Take time to yourself to make sure you don’t get too stressed out. Try a new workout class at Romney, enjoy a nice meal with friends, or even take a walk in Audubon. You will be back into your routine before you know it!



About Giulia Lipton

Giulia Lipton (that’s Julia with a G—she’s Italian!) is a sophomore from NYC. She loves going to SoulCycle and acting as a personal stylist to her friends.