Jewelry, and especially earrings, seems to be all the rage right now. Jewelry is a fun way to add a personal touch or spice up any boring outfit. Try layering gold chains of different lengths when wearing a simple T-shirt or putting your hair in a high ponytail to show off your ear candy, and your look is totally transformed. Looking for a jewelry upgrade? Check out these high and low-priced pieces!

1. Hoops.

Hoops of all shapes and sizes are super trendy right now.  These large hoops are fun and the perfect added accessory for going out. The come in gold, rose gold, and silver, so are perfect no matter your preference.


PHOTO: Urban Outfitters

Looking for a more subdued version of the hoop trend? Try these small hoops that also come in gold, rose gold, and silver. This subtle pair would go perfectly with different studs if you have multiple piercings.


PHOTO: Urban Outfitters

2. Gold Chains.

I’m always on the hunt for the perfect gold chains to layer, but this piece does it for you! It’s four delicate gold chains in one, making it easy to wear every day.


PHOTO: Urban Outfitters

3. Statement Earrings.

These tassel earrings have been everywhere recently, in all colors and shapes. Invest in a pair ASAP to add some fun to any outfit.

PHOTOS: Revolve

4. Ear Climbers/Ear Cuffs.

If you only have one piercing but want to amp up your earring game, try ear climbers or cuffs instead of getting more piercings. They are so chic and give the illusion of multiple earrings.


PHOTO: Shopbop

5. Chokers.

Last, but definitely not least on my list of trends, is chokers. These two are more structured takes on the choker, perfect for any dressy event or dinner.


PHOTOS: Barneys

Mixing pieces of jewelry from stores like Urban Outfitters and higher-end retailers like Barneys or Shopbop keeps your jewelry look fresh and youthful! Try out some of these trends to add some flair to any simple outfit this season.

COVER PHOTO: Vicky Novak


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Giulia Lipton (that’s Julia with a G—she’s Italian!) is a sophomore from NYC. She loves going to SoulCycle and acting as a personal stylist to her friends.