College means you’ve officially reached that age when your gifts need to go a little deeper than a macaroni necklace. But, tailoring the perfect gift to each and every member of your inner circle is definitely not top priority during finals week. So, here is my gift to you: the perfect holiday shopping list, complete with a personalized touch for even the most hard-to-please friends and family.


For your bestie: bubble face masks

The best gift for a best friend is something you can do together! Lather on these masks, put on your favorite movie, and get ready to snap some quality selfies.

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For your boyfriend: V76

TBH, this is really more of a gift for you. These V76 products will leave your holiday bae smelling absolutely amazing, so you don’t have to spend your down time trying to pinpoint that day-old Bruff smell coming from somewhere in his room.

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For the girl who has everything: cute cosmetic case

For the friend who already has it all – get her something to put it in! This cute lil pouch is perfect for carrying around all the gifts from her other, less thoughtful friends.

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For the workout fiend: Drybar dry shampoo

The perfect gift for the girl who’s already been on a morning run and to two spin classes before you’ve even woken up. Save her some time with this super-strength dry shampoo, so she can skip the hair wash and squeeze in another boxing class before breakfast.

Screen Shot 2017-12-23 at 10.36.25 PM

For your mom: anti-puff eye roller

Of course, you could never leave out the woman who hasn’t slept since the late 90s because she was too busy raising you. This anti-puff eye roller will take care of those tired eyes (or maybe you could just take over laundry for the day. Same result.)

Screen Shot 2017-12-23 at 10.37.27 PM

For the insta famous friend: bath bomb 

The human encapsulation of “does it for the likes.” This beautiful bath bomb from Lush is not only a soft skin lifesaver, but is definitely worthy of a well-filtered Instagram story. Maybe she’ll even tag you.

Screen Shot 2017-12-23 at 10.38.11 PM

If you’re running around like a chicken without its head to find gifts for these special people, don’t worry. You can thank me later.

COVER PHOTO: Sabrina Kogut

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