Sometimes the best things in life come from combining two unlikely entities. Evidence? Pizookies (Google this), winescream (I repeat, Google this), and, more recently, athleisure. Basically, all you need to know about athleisure is these three magic words: Sweatpants. In. Public. Now, if any of you have seen me around campus before 12 pm, you’ll know that I, like many others, have been rocking the gym-clothes-to-class look way before it became a thing—I guess you could call me a trendsetter. But with its rise in popularity, there are now so many more options available. Scroll to see how to swap out your pizza-stained, high school track joggers for something just as cozy, but a million times cuter.

  1. Wildfox Sport Tennis Club Pants $98

Channel your inner Sporty Spice with these slim-fitting sweats by Wildfox. With the slight flare, you can make a statement while keeping it super simple.

2. Forever21 Star Print Fleece Sweatpants $18

Sometimes you wake up so warm and cozy that you can’t imagine changing out of your pajamas, so… don’t. These star-spangled joggers are perfect for bedtime, morning classes, and when you’re just feeling extra patriotic.

3. Esprit Faux Leather Jogger Pant $72

For a comfortable-yet-chic vibe, try these edgy faux-leather pants. Easy yet sophisticated, these pants can transition from day to night, with just enough stretch to handle that post-Thanksgiving belly.

4. Balmain Suede Sweatpants $1596.69