New year, new resolutions that you know you’ll probably keep for about a week and then drop. However, I have four goals you actually have to stick to, because they’re so easy there’s no excuse not to. By trying these tiny tasks every day, you’ll be a whole new you by the time you make your next resolution list. Because #newyear #newyou.

  1. Take off your makeup every night.

Every. Single. Night. I don’t care if it’s 4am and you just stumbled home from the Boot… I mean library. Without layers of old makeup dulling your skin, your complexion will look a hundred times better in just a few weeks. Hack: keep a pack of makeup remover wipes next to your bed to ensure a successful resolution.

  1. Wear sunscreen every day.

Seriously, SO important. The hardest resolutions to keep are the ones that lack immediate gratification, but this one has some serious long-term benefits. Forget the health factor for a second (tbh the dangers of UV rays should be convincing enough), but in thirty years when your skin is still looking mid-twenties fresh, you’re going to thank me.

  1. Try out new looks.

Maybe you’ve been feeling a little blah lately, maybe you need a jolt in your morning routine, or maybe you’re just bored. Take it upon yourself to shake up your makeup routine: try a new lip gloss color or a different brow shape, or a pop of color or a glittery cat eye when you’re feeling extra adventurous.

  1. Take the heat away from your hair.

This one is super hard, not going to lie. When you’re rushed in the morning and spot that awkward cowlick in the mirror, it’s so tempting to hit it with the straightening iron. But, by substituting heat tools with hair gels, you can train your hair so that by 2019, you can roll out of bed rocking your natural do, minus the cowlick.

If you commit to these few changes this year, I can promise that you will thank yourself later. Let me know your beauty resolutions in the comments!

COVER PHOTO: Huntsville 

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