Living right in the heart of a city like New Orleans, Tulane students have access to all kinds of workout studios and classes. From Megaformer at Romney Studios to Hourblast interval training, to spin classes at CycleBar, you can spend endless amounts of money on getting a good workout. While sometimes it’s nice to get away from campus, the cost starts to add up. I have had my fair share of these classes, but Reily Recreational Center right on campus has incredible classes that are free to students. Below are the three classes that you must try.

ABT (Abs, Butt, and Thighs)

This cult-following class has been my favorite ever since my first week of freshman year. Joe, the teacher, has been a trainer for over twenty years and knows exactly how to sculpt and burn your abs, butt, and thighs like no other class I have ever taken. Joe helps you master squats, lunges, and many other moves until you feel like you won’t be able to walk out the door. The combination of great music and an incredible instructor will have you scheduling your courses around this workout class (Monday and Thursday at 4:30 PM). Pro tip: Joe teaches a 30-minute Abs class right after ABT for an extra intense abdominal workout.


At home this summer, I did Zumba almost every day. Zumba is an exercise fitness class in which you follow an instructor and dance to upbeat, Latin-based music. This exhausting but super enjoyable class will have you learning new dance moves but also allow you to add some fun new songs to your Spotify playlists. With many different instructors and times throughout the week, it is easy to fit this class into a busy schedule (Monday and Wednesday at 6:15 PM, Thursday at 6:30 PM, Sunday at 10:15 AM).


There are many barre studios around New Orleans, but in my opinion, the Reily classes are just as good as Pure Barre or Barre3, and they’re free. Barre is a combination of ballet-inspired moves and pilates and allows you to strength train specific sets of small muscle groups until they start to burn. I love Barre because it is low-impact, so it won’t hurt your body, and really allows you to focus on your form instead of speeding through a workout (Monday and Thursday at 5:30 PM, Tuesday at 4:30 PM).

As an avid Reily-goer, I love all of the classes offered. I encourage you to give them a try! Just make sure to get to class early, as it gets full. For a complete schedule of workout classes, visit the Reily Center website as the schedule changes each semester to incorporate new teachers, classes, and times into your weekly routine.

COVER PHOTO: Tulane Campus Rec

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