Last week, the world heard of Mac Miller’s death, an event that has had a huge impact on lovers of and people in the music community. Many watched as Mac grew from the start of his music career and, in a sense, grew with him. In the middle and high school careers of many, Mac Miller’s debut album “Blue Slide Park” was well-known and welcomed along with his earlier mixtapes “K.I.D.S.” and “Best Day Ever.” These works create a sense of bitter nostalgia for many.

It was easy to see Miller’s growth as an artist with the release of “Watching Movies with the Sound Off” and “GO:OD AM.” These albums represented the change in Mac from an eighteen-year-old who was wide-eyed and excited to earn a name in the industry, to a more mature adult who knew his talent and was willing to see how far he could take it.

The release of “Swimming” in early August of this year was exciting for many because it showed off a new path that Miller was choosing to take in his music. The album is also the best portrayal of how much Mac has matured since the start of his career. He worked with Thundercat to create an incredibly fresh and original sound.

Mac’s death has no doubt brought much sadness to his fans. Regardless of if you’ve known him since the start of his career, halfway through, or not until the very end, every work he has produced should be appreciated. Listed below are eight songs, one off of each of his most well- known works, that everyone should know, or listen to at least once in his memory.

Good Evening – K.I.D.S(2010)

Donald Trump – Best Day Ever (2011)

Man In The Hat – Blue Slide Park (2011)

Fight the Feeling – Macadelic(2012)

S.D.S.  – Watching Movies with the Sound Off(2013)

Friends – Faces(2014)

Brand Name – GO:OD AM(2015)

Cinderella – The Divine Feminine(2016)

2009 – Swimming(2018)

Without having to listen to every full album, each of these songs spanning from 2010 to the present display the amazing growth and learning that Mac Miller went through in his music career. His death is a tremendous loss, but his talent will always shine in the music community, and remind us that so many of the good ones are gone too soon.


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