Fashion trends on the runway are sometimes daring, but squishy rain-soaked socks and sneakers will never be in style. At Tulane, pathways flood as quickly as those “must-have” shorts go on sale, so you better come prepared when those humid days turn into crazy rainstorms. Here are a few tips to keep your rainy day outfits functional and fashionable without compromising your favorite look!

That downpouring rain may not look too unbearable when you’re cozying up with some hot chocolate in bed, surrounded by twinkly lights, and of course wearing your favorite fuzzy socks, but you will undoubtedly need more protection than your dorm room to get you through this category 5 hurricane season.

Dreading that walk to your class in Newcomb because the flooding goes up to your knees? Not a problem! Pair some sky-high rain boots with your high-waisted jean shorts to avoid swampy waters and drenched pants. It may be raining, but NOLA is always hot, so who says your outfit can’t be? Whether you choose Hunter boots that pop with color or more neutral rain boots that camouflage as combat boots, you will never be the one having to take off your shoes in the next Tulane river.


Planning on wearing a perfect Friday outfit, but only have your everyday black windbreaker? Well you are in luck, because plastic is the new leather, and you will be wishing everyday was a rainy one! Invest in a clear raincoat that will show off your outfit, or a transparent umbrella that will let you embrace those blue skies during a sunshower! Feeling even bolder? Try plastic shoe and purse covers, so you never have to sacrifice your beloved suede bag or new leather kicks.

Harper’s Bazaar

Not a fan of the rain and all of its accessories? There are always other options and survival hacks. Try other water repellent shoes like Timberlands, or even do a double layer of socks to shield your feet. But don’t let this rainy season catch you off-guard. Remember to have at least a hooded sweatshirt in hand and be prepared to truly embrace the weather and dance in the rain—and look cute while doing it!




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