Oh acne, how you have intruded into my life as…how should I put it…an irking and terrible nuisance. Oh acne; that confidence-sucking skin issue that seems to reappear just as it’s getting better. Let’s just say, my relationship with acne has been an upward battle and nothing close to a love affair. I am now approaching my eighth-year anniversary with this lovely skin problem, and cannot express enough how sick and tired I am of dealing with it. Over the years, I have tested every product, diligently washed my face and taken off makeup, gone dairy-free in hope of a change, and had monthly facials. Now, before you jump to think that the facials I’ve been getting are an enjoyable, spa-like, experience, I can tell you that they involve lots of poking, prodding, and nervous sweating just to survive the extractions. I decided to vulnerably write this article because acne has been one of my greatest insecurities for quite some time. Now, as a twenty year old, I am ready to be done with it once and for all and hopefully help anyone else struggling with the same feeling. Know you are not alone in the stomach-tightening feeling of looking in the mirror and staring at the spots all over your face; I promise you there is a light at the end of the pimple tunnel.

There a few steps that you need to put in place in order to obtain a new outlook of positivity towards skin problems. First, be patient. Pimples and acne can be extremely stubborn and take a while to heal and go away after applying topical products or getting treatment. Try not to rush to touch your face or pick your pimples.

Next, change up your routine. Often times, people overdo their products and use too many drying creams, which I have discovered from my own experience. One of the steps that has helped with the congestion of my skin is to stop washing my face in the morning. I know this may sound counter-intuitive, but instead try replacing your morning facial scrub exfoliating ritual with a hydrating toner so not all the natural oils are stripped from your skin.

Most importantly, I promise you no matter what degree of acne you may have, you think it looks worse than other people do. The most overbearing aspect that comes along with skin issues is the psychological toll it can have on you. (Trust me, I have shed lots of tears over this!) It is easy to get caught up in the way you look when you believe it is less than perfect, but with a great esthetician, dermatologist, products, oh and of course a change of mindset, you can conquer it! Sounds so simple, right? Just kidding…but do not fear, just start with a few changes in your skincare routine.

Living in a culture and society where beauty rituals and the beauty standard are often a top priority for many people, it can be very difficult when something like acne, which is often genetic and out of your control, comes into play. Beauty and cosmetic stores are my happy places, but when I am confronted with not looking the exactly way I want, or like certain models that obtain this beauty standard, it definitely takes a personal toll on me.

To help anyone else reading this that may be overcoming the same issues, I have included some of my favorite, go-to products that you may want to try!

1. M-61 PowerGlow Pads: These are a quick and amazing way to do an at-home peel and target all those underground tough pimples, and clear out the congesting blackheads!

2. AYUR-MEDIC Clearifying Cream: This cream will keep you hydrated, while also exfoliating dry skin and fighting inflammatory pigmentation. Put on a layer before applying makeup, or at bedtime.

3. Nars Matte Complete Concealer: This concealer is one of my favorite beauty make-up go-tos! It is perfect at covering every spot on your face, while still looking natural and not cakey.

4. M-61 Hydraboost Serum 2.0: Coming from a person who has always had acne-prone and oily skin, I used to never want to apply more oil or moisturizer to my already shiny face. However, I later discovered that all my drying products were actually irritating my face instead of clearing it up because it was too much product. This serum is amazing and great to put on before bed so your pores can soak it up, and you can avoid dull-looking skin in the morning.

So here’s to you, all you readers faced with the task of clearing your skin. It will get better and will not last forever. So, next time you glance in the mirror at your skin, remember to smile, because you look amazing! I hope this article gave you a little hope, and helped to clear not only your mind, but your pores.

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As a writer on our Fashion and Beauty team, this LA girl loves fashion and adventure. Ellie Berglass is a sophomore majoring in Communications and Psychology. Fun fact: she once skydived in Fiji!

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As a writer on our Fashion and Beauty team, this LA girl loves fashion and adventure. Ellie Berglass is a sophomore majoring in Communications and Psychology. Fun fact: she once skydived in Fiji!