The summer may be wrapping up as school starts, but as every Tulane girl knows, those blistering, hot, summer days are here to stay in New Orleans (at least until November). So why not take advantage of those rays? Miami Fashion Week just recently released all the up-and-coming and followed designers’ new suits. We can all style these cute bikinis on the Irby/Phelps lawn as we sing along to old Taylor Swift songs or pair our new cut-out one pieces with jean shorts for the ultimate darty look.

Like any other beach loving, tanning-obsessed, teen girl, I have to admit to my addiction: bikinis. All that hard earned work money from this summer will unfortunately not be able to cover that sparkly Mardi Gras crop top, because yes, it will already be used up on a new suit. Oh, and if you happen to look at my reminders typed into my notes app on my phone, yes, I do have alerts set for when my favorite brands are scheduled to drop their resort swimsuits this fall. If you were to talk to my mom, she may say I truly do have a problem. “Another bathing suit? Really?” I like to think of it as keeping up with the beach essentials. Come on, a girl can never have to many bikinis.

Here are my top three new collections from this year’s fashion week. And yes, I got all the photos used in this article from my already bookmarked Instagram posts when they first came out that I dream about before bed…oops?

Frankie’s Bikinis

Talk about bikini obsessed: Francesca Aiello, founder of Frankie’s Bikinis, started her company when she was only 17, after having custom suits made because she never liked the fit of other suits on her body. In 2014, 19-year-old Frankie was the youngest designer to ever be featured in Miami Swim Week. Since then, Frankie’s Bikinis has become a go to brand for all girls and women who want to embrace their inner confidence and rock unique designs. This year, Frankie decided to put on her on own runway show entitled “RE19DRIFT” instead of attending Miami Swim Week.


Buckle up baby, because Frankie’s trends this season are some you have never seen before. Her new suits feature buckles to fasten the suit in addition to other high waisted, ribbed soft fabric bikinis that fit just right and hug all the right places. Frankie’s is the perfect brand to wear in any location and has styles for everyone.


Drawing inspiration from her love affair with the Maui oceans, Naomi Acacia Newirth began to design swimsuits after sewing her own as a little girl. Her signature fabrics, intricate designs and combination of Italian and Brazilian cut suits can be instantly recognized. Her time spent designing in Bali also heavily influenced her designs. In this year’s fashion week show, patterns ranged from retro flower prints, to bold and bright colors. If you want to feel like you are on a tropical island all the time, Acacia is the brand for you!



There is nothing better than a sister designer duo, and that is exactly what this swimwear brand is. Started by sisters Oleema and Kalani Miller, these designers merged their love of fashion and art into one, creating Mikoh swim. Residing in Orange County, California, the Miller sisters grew up in a family of surfers, surrounded by the fashion of bathing suit culture. Their brand is made for “modern women,” and a “life spent in bikinis.” They have collaborated to create simple patterned suits with intricate string designs. These bikinis are perfect for tanning, but also allow for active adventures (I’m thinking photo opp on the top of a Malibu Hike or cliff jumping in Greece. What about you?) This collection’s designs will make you want to jump into some crystal clear, turquoise water and show off your modern black or perfect pink bikini!


What cute suit will you buy next?! You can always find me in my many bikinis tanning on the Irby quad with sunscreen in hand of course!

COVER PHOTO: Instagram

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As a writer on our Fashion and Beauty team, this LA girl loves fashion and adventure. Ellie Berglass is a sophomore majoring in Communications and Psychology. Fun fact: she once skydived in Fiji!

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As a writer on our Fashion and Beauty team, this LA girl loves fashion and adventure. Ellie Berglass is a sophomore majoring in Communications and Psychology. Fun fact: she once skydived in Fiji!