The weather has finally dropped below 80 degrees, so here at Tulane people are gearing up for the fall season. Jeans, sweaters, scarfs, and boots…oh my! This autumn season has boots of all kinds in store for you to make that lazy-girl outfit look as if you are strutting the streets of Soho, going out for a night on the town in LA, and be the best dressed at the Boot (pun intended)! Ask any of my roommates and they will confirm the rumors of my black boot obsession —I swear they are all different! Of course every girl needs a classic everyday boot, and one that’s unique and eye-catching to upgrade your outfit, but from lace up booties, to over the knee heel boots, cut-outs, platforms, and studded ones, the business of boot buying can get just a tad bit overwhelming. As every fashion-obsessed person knows, you can never have too many options, but here is a list to help narrow your search down, while ensuring you to look fabulous and functional from head to toe.  

1. The Platform Boot


In need of a few inches? The platform boot is made for you. Speaking from my own personal experience, coming in at a staggering 5 foot…nothing, I have had a bit of experience in finding the perfect, comfortable platform boot. Excellent to pair with flowy skirts and summer dresses to help transition your wardrobe into fall, or with sleek leather jeans, or even light wash Levis, these boots will ramp up any of your looks. If you are like me and struggle in the height department (probably where my obsession stems from), this boot will not only make you look good, but help you raise above those oh-so-frustrating people in bars that seem to make that repetitive comments: how tall are you? Can you reach the bar?

2. The Sky-High Boot


Have you been blessed with the gift of long legs? If so, knee high, or if you are feeling a little adventurous, thigh-high boots are back and you can totally rock them! Do not fret; these sky-high booties will not make you look like you’re from the wild west, but rather elevate your go-to styles from average to out of this world. Remember that quick period of time in 2012 when these boots—made in all types of suede—made their first appearance? Well, this second time around they are coming in hot, and better than before, ranging from patent leather styles, to a sexier twist on cowboy boots. These boots can fit into everyone’s wardrobe, so learn how to re-incorporate these boots into the fall season.

3. The Everyday Boot


Sometimes it can be difficult to transition into the cooler seasons with so many changes occurring: iced-coffee to pumpkin spice latte, finding the perfect balance of layering to master the warm outfit in the fall breeze, while not profusely sweating as you enter a heated building, and of course, discovering an amazing versatile boot that goes with everything—not too simple or too out there. When walking to class, it’s key to avoid uncomfy leather rubbing against you, so make sure your go-to-classic booties are perfect for being on the go. Aim for a little buckle add on, lace ups, or even a simple pebbled leather to redefine the classic boot. (Quick tip: now that sandals are out of the picture, make sure you are loaded up on socks, because I don’t know about you, but I seem to only have one pair: one striped and one black!)

4. The Cut-Out Boot


Feeling more daring and edgy? Cut-out boots are in! You can never have too many buckles or studs with these boots! These cutouts are a perfect transition into fall due to being able to wear them on warmer days of the season with no socks. They’re perfect if you want to get the feel of the chunky style, but still have some breathing room. Pair with a flirty tank and pant set and you will achieve an amazing contrasting look for a trendy dinner or a friend’s birthday brunch. Also great for a night out with a crop tank, leather jacket, and high waisted jeans.

5. The Boot for the Boot

As every Tulane student knows, bar boots are essential to not only look good, but to avoid catastrophe to some of your nicer possessions. To avoid destroying your fresh new kicks, make sure to purchase a cost-friendly pair that will keep up with your killer style, but can be tossed after a year or two. Similar to the French Quarter that has to be cleaned with bleach and water every night, let’s just say avoid going barefoot and bringing your new pair of shoes out in the streets of New Orleans—who knows what goes on there. Rather, go with the don’t ask, don’t tell policy and look to designers like Steve Madden to buy boots that copy all your favorite designers but that all range from 90-200 dollars.

I hope your fall season boots can keep up with all of your amazing style hacks and allow you to walk the walk, wherever that may be!


About Ellie Berglass

As a writer on our Fashion and Beauty team, this LA girl loves fashion and adventure. Ellie Berglass is a sophomore majoring in Communications and Psychology. Fun fact: she once skydived in Fiji!

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As a writer on our Fashion and Beauty team, this LA girl loves fashion and adventure. Ellie Berglass is a sophomore majoring in Communications and Psychology. Fun fact: she once skydived in Fiji!