In less than a year, Cardi B has become the third artist in history to have three songs in the Top 10 of Hot 100 all at once. They include Bodak Yellow, No Limit, and Motorsport. For two of these songs, she collaborated with big name artists A$Ap Rocky, Nicki Minaj, and Migos.  Cardi was also nominated for two Grammy awards- Best Rap Performance and Best Rap Song- for her debut single Bodak Yellow. Although she didn’t win either of these nominations, she also had the opportunity to perform at the Grammys with Bruno Mars. Their performance of their song Finesse was fun, colorful, lively, and brought even more attention to Cardi B as an artist. She has been receiving positive recognition not just from fans but from other successful artists as well. On Instagram, Cardi B fangirled over a note sent to her from Bono, lead vocalist of U2, during the Grammy Awards.

Her quick rise to fame seems to come not just from her music but from her constant interactions with fans as well. On her Instagram, @iamcardib, she constantly posts hilarious videos like the one about Bono where she talks about random thoughts, funny moments, and fashion. Currently, she is a big advocate of FashionNova and Steve Madden which she raves about in some of her videos. What really draws fans into Cardi’s Instagram vlogs is how personal and honest she is in them. She’s not afraid to make a fool of herself and doesn’t try to act anything near perfect.

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In many videos, she is barefaced and in a plain sweatshirt, nothing flashy or what’s normally expected in a celebrity lifestyle. This makes her vlogs incredibly relatable for most of her fan base and portrays Cardi as a fairly down-to-Earth artist, making her all the more likeable.

Cardi B knows how to make money moves, and with a new album dropping soon, it will be exciting to see where her rise to fame takes her.

COVER PHOTO: The New York Times

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