Motivating yourself to work out during the summer is a challenge, to say the least. Whether it’s the long days at the beach or the bonfires until late at night, it can be hard to find time to stay fit. All you want to do is lay horizontal by the pool every day, but it’s important to still stay fit and active. Here are some ways that you can find time to work out each day with ease.

Workout in the morning.

Before you can think of a million ways to procrastinate, work out right when you wake up. Working out in the morning also burns more fat because you burn off the fat stored in your body instead of burning off the calories that you have eaten during the day. Also, between 10 AM-3 PM, summer days can be super hot, so working out early will help you stay cool.

Get your friends involved.

One way I remain motivated to work out is if I plan to go on a run or do a workout class with a friend. Each week, make a plan with friends that include the different workouts you will do together. This will help you keep each other in check and accountable for staying fit, while having fun together!

Sign up for classes.

ClassPass, gym membership packages, free trial-weeks at studios: all of those will help you work out, especially if you have already paid. Nobody wants to waste their money, which makes signing up for classes in advanced an extra incentive to actually go!

10-minute rule.

When I get up in the morning, I want to relax for a long time before doing anything. If you feel like you are so not in the mood to get your body moving, just commit to ten minutes of working out. Once you mentally tell yourself that ten minutes is totally doable, and your body begins to release endorphins, you will already be in the swing of your workout and not want to stop.

Purchase some new workout clothes.

I know that for me, when I buy a cute pair of leggings or a new workout tank, I feel confident and ready to take on any workout. Motivate yourself to stay active by getting some new outfits! Target and Forever 21 have amazing athletic clothing that is cheap and well-made to withstand any activity.


Swimming is one of the best workouts you can do and it’s a must during the hot summer months. Get your tan on while doing a full-body workout in the pool. It’s a relaxing way to work out and almost every neighborhood has a pool where you can swim laps while staying cool in the summer.

I know it seems almost impossible to get yourself moving in the summer heat, but just remember that everyone else is struggling with it too. If you make working out part of your daily routine, you will be more likely to feel motivated. I always tell myself that once I do something ten times it will stick in my head. So, try to motivate yourself ten days in a row and you will be off to a perfect start at making those #gainz for the summer!

COVER PHOTO: Gwen Snyder


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