Spring has finally arrived and one of my favorite things to do in NOLA at this time of the year is taking long walks. Walks in the morning are a fabulous way to start your day and they naturally energize you, and walks in the afternoon are the perfect way to end your day and calm you down before a night of homework. Walking is also an incredible way to see the city; my favorite thing to do is to walk and stop at shops, art galleries, or other sites along the way.

Audubon Park

Right across from campus, Audubon Park is a beautiful area to walk through with a lake, ducks, and plenty of trees. The paved route is 1.8 miles, which is perfect for a quick walk before or after class. The park opens at 5 AM and closes at 10 PM, so there is no excuse not go to.

Freret or Magazine Street

Both of these streets are incredibly close to campus and are fun walks due to the many shops, restaurants, galleries, and other fun attractions along the way. On the first Saturday of every month (except in the summer), the Freret Market opens with live music, food, and many art vendors. My favorite stops along these streets are Bearcat Café off of Feret Street, or Surrey’s Café on Magazine Street. 

St. Charles Avenue

Of course, no guide to walking would be complete without St. Charles Avenue. Stretching all across the city, the beautiful trees and houses that line this street make it the most interesting walk you can embark on. You become so easily distracted by the southern architecture that time will fly by. 

Crescent Park

Although a little farther away from Tulane’s campus, this 1.4 mile path allows you to walk right along the Mississippi River in the Bywater, one of the coolest neighborhoods in the city. Open from 6 AM to 7:30 PM, I would combine a walk here with brunch in the Bywater at Paladar 511 or Elizabeth’s. 

City Park and the Sculpture Garden

The Sculpture Garden, located next to the New Orleans Museum of Art, is an eye-opening walk. Dotted with incredible sculptures, this garden features some of the coolest art in the city. The garden opens at 10 AM and after walking around the garden, I love to walk around the “Big Lake” in City Park and even rent a paddle boat for a quick ride and a view of the ducks and swans. Close to City Park is one of my favorite restaurants, 1000 Figs, so I suggest going there after.

Whether you spend time by Tulane’s campus or explore other parts of the city, there are great walks all over New Orleans. You can enjoy views of the fabulous city that we live in while getting in some exercise without even thinking about it!

 COVER PHOTO: Lily Heller

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