It’s a given that we use apps all day, every day. As a college student, I constantly find myself scrolling through the app store in hopes of finding new ones to try. In order to seek out the best apps, I decided to go to my sorority Facebook page and ask my sisters which apps they love the best. These five apps below have received rave reviews and are must-haves for any college student! 


College can be very stressful, and meditation is an incredible way for you to practice mindfulness without leaving your room. Headspace provides guided meditations with different themes that can be used to de-stress, fall asleep, and much more. I use this app all the time when I am overwhelmed or just feel the need to calm down.

1 Second

As I write this, I scrolled through my “1 seconds” video from my freshman year and laughed at all of the memories I captured with this app. 1 Second allows you to create a video diary with one-second clips from each day. At the end of the year, they turn all of the clips into a single film! This is great for looking back on your years.

Circle of 6

This incredible app is great for all students, but it’s especially amazing if you live off-campus, are walking somewhere at night, or feel unsafe at a party. You can add up to six people from your contacts and pick certain icons that mean “come and get me,” “I am in a dangerous situation,” or “I am with someone creepy.” The app provides your GPS location to all six people so they can come find you, and it even allows you to call 911 if needed.                                                                          

Focus Keeper

Calling all procrastinators: this is the app for you! I know that I can lose track of time during my study breaks and end up scrolling on my phone for way too long. This app allows you to set timers for study and focus time. After you allot a certain amount of focused study time, you are rewarded with a short break. 

College life can be super overwhelming at times, so I hope that these apps make your life just a little bit easier!

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