Are you sick of constantly shopping on the same three websites? Check out VergeGirl, a trendy clothing brand founded by two sisters that is taking the internet by storm. Based all around the world, from Australia to the United States, VergeGirl is the perfect place to find cute summery tops, adorable matching sets, or even a big cozy sweater for the winter time. From their huge selection of accessories, to swimwear, to intimates and even the perfect summer dress, VergeGirl truly has it all. With pretty reasonable prices it is the perfect place to get a piece that stands out and can be paired with basics to make your outfit a 10/10.

Here are several pieces that I am absolutely obsessed with for all different occasions and seasons!1.png

The Anne-Marie Shirred Top, which comes in a peachy pink color and white, is the perfect staple for your summer wardrobe. At a price of $58, this piece can be re-worn in so many ways that it can become a staple in your wardrobe. Pair it with a cute pair of boyfriend jeans for a casual dinner, a skirt for a fun summer day, or with black jeans, booties and jacket for a night out on the town. With tie spaghetti straps, it can be readjusted easily and accentuates your shoulders and upper body perfectly.


The VG Fashion Album Mini Skirt in leopard is just a must. This flattering, tight-fitting skirt is a wow piece in your wardrobe. Paired with either a black t-shirt and booties, or a grungey graphic tee, this skirt is eye-catching. Make a statement in this skirt while rocking a flattering piece to complement your curves. Priced at $55, this skirt will be that piece you wear sporadically, but always find a new way to style.


Already planning outfits for your next tropical vacation? If so, the Bohemian Rhapsody Crochet Set is perfect for you. This set can be mismatched with different pieces, worn over a bathing suit, or paired with a cute pair of shorts. The piece is $89, but can be worn in so many different ways, making it a great investment. Wear the pants with just a bathing suit top, the top with a skirt or jean ripped shorts, or even the shirt with boyfriend jeans and sandals. This can also be paired with a white lace bra to leave a little to the imagination.4.png

The Maxamillion Tie Front Top, at $66.00, is the perfect pop of color for your night out. By pairing it with a cute, lacey bralette under or rocking it bare, it is a fabulous and flattering red piece. Finish the look with a black pair of tight jeans and booties, or black shorts for a night out with friends. The tie in the front top is trending right now and is great for any weather for a night out.


The VG Retro Chic Check set, priced at $89.00, may not be everyone’s taste but it is definitely a piece that will turn heads. This cool and chic checkered set is perfect for any type of occasion. With adjustable straps and a zipper in the back, the piece is extremely flattering on any body type. Whether its walking around town, going to dinner, or going on a date, pairing it with the perfect accessories will make you stand out from the crowd.


One of my personal favorites is the Friend Goals Button Front Romper. This ultimate summer look is perfect for your stroll down Abbot Kinney or the streets of Paris. This button front romper has pockets and tie up shoulders, allowing you to fit it to you perfectly. Pair it with your favorite shirt underneath, or a bralette for a pop of color to create the perfect effortless romper look. Or, even wear it with a sweater underneath in the fall time! For $49, it is a steal!

Check out these pieces and many more on to perfect your fall wardrobe.


About Danielle Schwartz

Danielle Schwartz is a sophomore Communications major from LA. In addition to writing about fashion for The Crescent, Danielle loves to enjoy hummus and do yoga.

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Danielle Schwartz is a sophomore Communications major from LA. In addition to writing about fashion for The Crescent, Danielle loves to enjoy hummus and do yoga.